Supporting yourself and your staff through the current challenges

Supporting each other through the current challenging times is not easy and some may find it quite daunting.

Principal Dentists and their team are worried about their personal health and well-being, as well as that of their families and patients. Owner Dentists have the added concerns of the business.

So how do we support ourselves and each other? There are a number of ways that may help, here are just a few:

  • Communicate and check-in – don’t lose contact with staff, colleagues, friends, and family – stay in touch with regular calls, texts, face to face calls/zoom.
  • Arrange social occasions for staff to connect via zoom or similar. A social catch up of even 15-30 minutes once a week can lift the mood within the team.
  • Take this opportunity where we are limited with our movements and for many, little to no work to complete, to learn something new – educate ourselves, spend time on a hobby (or even find a new hobby).
  • As a business – you can organise for employees to complete online courses to develop skills for the workplace, you may also have tasks within the practice that some staff are able to complete – catch up on administration, marketing, etc.
  • Encourage exercise or some form of physical activity for yourself and the team.
  • Have a routine for each day, this is particularly important if staying at home.
  • Watch what you eat – eat as healthily as you can, but don’t deprive yourself of a treat every now and again!
  • Manage your exposure to both the general media and social media – Know the facts on the situation, not just the headlines.
  • Provide access to mental health information (see links below) and encourage all to seek help early whether that is for mental health, financial support, or even something more practical like grocery shopping.
  • Be kind to yourself and others. Be there for each other, even if it is virtually or over the phone.

The Australian Government is circulating #InThisTogether

RUOK advises:

RUOK Advices

There are many associations providing assistance and support for mental health, here are just a few.

Beyond BlueSupport for people experiencing depression and anxiety 22 4636
The MindSpot ClinicSupport for people experiencing stress, anxiety, low mood or depression1800 61 44 34
eheadspace Mental health support for people under 25 650 890
MensLine AustraliaMental health support for men 78 99 78
QlifeMental health support for LGBTI people 184 527
LifelineCrisis support and suicide prevention13 11 14
Suicide Call Back ServiceSupport for people feeling suicidal1300 659 467
SANE AustraliaSupport, training and education for people with a mental illness 18 7263
RUOK?Suicide prevention, reminding people that having meaningful conversations with mates and loved ones could save lives.

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