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Embracing the opportunity of ethical influencing

Embracing the opportunity of ethical influencing

There was a time when it was considered reasonable for a dentist to adopt a didactic and paternalistic role. The patient was given a diagnosis followed by a recommended treatment plan, and they were expected to follow the dentist’s advice.’ But times have changed, and so have the patient’s mindset and their expectations. They have […]

Ghosting candidates Are you sending the right message?

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With the technological advancements in recruitment and communication, it is easier than ever to keep candidates informed throughout the recruitment process. So why is it then that phenomenon’s like ‘ghosting’, the term used to describe ending a relationship by not responding to texts or calls, has gained such popularity in recent years? Jobseekers often comment […]

The four-day working week

In an era when the workplace is undergoing a revolution, the four-day working week is being hailed as a good option in creating a more effective practice. By John Burfitt  The past 18 months of the COVID-19 pandemic have shaken up our perception of what a typical working week looks like, with what is now […]

The gender pay gap

The gender pay gap is holding female dentists back—as well as the profession. Here’s how practices can remove barriers to women’s equal participation in the workforce. By Angela Tufvesson with contribution of Bethan Flood. The article was originally published by Bite Magazine. Australia’s gender pay gap is just over 13 per cent. This means women […]

Part-time workers: the pros and cons

Australian workers show a strong preference for part-time work. So how can practices best balance the needs of staff requesting fewer hours with the demands of the business? Dr Chris Sanzaro’s busy Launceston practice, The Dental Surgery Newstead employs 22 staff, and of these, 18 work part-time, including the boss himself. “I’ve recently reduced my clinical hours […]

How to have those difficult conversations

Difficult conversations with staff and suppliers can become even more difficult depending on your mode of communication. Here’s how to convey your message with empathy and respect. By Angela Tufvesson Difficult conversations with staff members, suppliers and even patients are unavoidable when you’re running a dental practice. And the unfortunate reality of the coronavirus pandemic […]

Your Casual Employees.….

Casual worker

There has been much interest in the latest Full Federal Court decision which has reconfirmed that casual employees who work regular (happens at set hours and normally set days) and systematic (rostered well in advance) hours, and are long term (a minimum of 6 months but normally over a period of years) indicating “predictable periods of working […]

Supporting yourself and your staff through the current challenges

Supporting each other through the current challenging times is not easy and some may find it quite daunting. Principal Dentists and their team are worried about their personal health and well-being, as well as that of their families and patients. Owner Dentists have the added concerns of the business. So how do we support ourselves […]

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