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The Power of a Purpose

Business owners often say to me that finding motivated, skilled, and loyal team members is challenging and getting them to stay can be even more so. It can be so disheartening when you employ what you believe to be the right person for the job and spend time training them and supporting them only to […]

What you need to know about the new shutdown rules for awards

Many awards will have new rules on temporary shutdowns from 1 May 2023, including the Health Professionals and Support Services Award. What’s changing? From 1 May 2023, the Health Professionals and Support Services Award will have updated rules on directing the taking of annual leave during a shutdown. Please be sure to review these rules […]

Embracing the opportunity of ethical influencing

Embracing the opportunity of ethical influencing

There was a time when it was considered reasonable for a dentist to adopt a didactic and paternalistic role. The patient was given a diagnosis followed by a recommended treatment plan, and they were expected to follow the dentist’s advice.’ But times have changed, and so have the patient’s mindset and their expectations. They have […]

Ghosting candidates Are you sending the right message?

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With the technological advancements in recruitment and communication, it is easier than ever to keep candidates informed throughout the recruitment process. So why is it then that phenomenon’s like ‘ghosting’, the term used to describe ending a relationship by not responding to texts or calls, has gained such popularity in recent years? Jobseekers often comment […]

The four-day working week


In an era when the workplace is undergoing a revolution, the four-day working week is being hailed as a good option in creating a more effective practice. By John Burfitt  The past 18 months of the COVID-19 pandemic have shaken up our perception of what a typical working week looks like, with what is now […]

The gender pay gap


The gender pay gap is holding female dentists back—as well as the profession. Here’s how practices can remove barriers to women’s equal participation in the workforce. By Angela Tufvesson with contribution of Bethan Flood. Australia’s gender pay gap is just over 13 per cent. This means women earn an average of $242 less than men […]

Part-time workers: the pros and cons

Dental part time workers

Australian workers show a strong preference for part-time work. So how can practices best balance the needs of staff requesting fewer hours with the demands of the business? Dr Chris Sanzaro’s busy Launceston practice, The Dental Surgery Newstead employs 22 staff, and of these, 18 work part-time, including the boss himself. “I’ve recently reduced my clinical hours […]

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