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For two decades, Prime Practice has been helping dentists run successful businesses.

Built upon a rich history in the dental industry, our suite of products will help you from graduation all the way through to a successful retirement.

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Products to help you run your practice, so you can focus on the dentistry!


Prime Practice Analysis

Managing a practice is no small task. Find out what's wrong under the hood and learn how to increase your income and reduce your stress.

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of the real health of your practice

Web design & online marketing

Great Dental Websites

Struggling with Marketing? We can help you work out what you need and help make it happen. From web design to SEO and online marketing.

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Human resources

Prime Practice HR

Let the professionals help you support and manage your team to maximise their potential!

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Prime Practice Recruit

Use the dental industry experts to find dental professionals to fill any gap in your team.

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Patient surveys

Dental Patient Surveys

Find out what your patients really think about your practice, and what areas your practice can improve.

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Prime Practice Compliance

Infection prevention and ergonomics for the dental practice.

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Prime Practice Connect

Real-time online bookkeeping and accounting services to help you get the most out of your business. Powered by Deloitte Private Connect.

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Your contract of employment - essential for every employee!

Bethan Flood, April 2017 - A contract of employment is a document every employer should ensure their employees have signed prior to the commencement of employment. The contract sets out the employment relationship in black and white, for both parties to understand.

The contract of employment clarifies a number points including salary, hours and days of work, how payment is completed, probation period, termination notice requirements and confidentiality requirements amongst others. Job descriptions can also be included as part of the contract.Contracts should also be signed when changes to the employment relationship occur e.g. change from part time to full time, promotion etc.

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The (unsung) virtues of a CBD dental practice.

Dr Phillip Palmer, April 2017 - When I graduated from dental school, having a practice in the CBD of Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne was a thing to aspire to. It seemed to be reserved for established practices, and there was an air of respectability about it.

Somehow, lately, it seems that the CBD practice has lost some of its shine. People have forgotten all of its virtues and seem to complain about its shortcomings, like expensive rent, poor street exposure and increased competition.

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Removing financial barriers with financing

Dr Phillip Palmer, March 2017 - Looking back at my career in dentistry, from the 1970s to now, there are many ways that being a dentist and business owner has become harder.

Equipment is more expensive, sterilisation standards are stricter, competition is fiercer, there is compulsory continuing education, more marketing is needed, the list goes on… (I recently wrote an article about this, which can be found here)

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Prime Practice has been a leader in dental practice management since 1995. Based in Australia, Prime Practice is a dental consultancy with clients all over the world.

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Without wanting to toot our own horn, we’ve had some pretty big successes over the years - but don’t take our word for it!

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