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Practice of the month March- Care Dental Centre

Client interview, March 2015 -  

How were you introduced to Prime Practice?
Ever since I graduated, I have worked in a practice that was working with Prime Practice. And when I spoke to my uni colleagues, I realised that in the practices they were working in there were all sorts of issues that I hadn’t seen: including scheduling, staffing and upset with the dental industry.
When I bought my practice, I felt I needed to know the fundamentals of running a successful practice, so went along to the Practice Owner’s Workshop

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Practice of the month February- Dr Yong

Client interview, February 2015 - How were you introduced to Prime Practice?
I had just taken over an old practice and I was stressed and felt I had no one to show me how to run my ideal practice. I spoke with a friend, who is also a Prime Practice client, about my concerns and he suggested that if I speak to Prime Practice, my stress will be alleviated. So I decided to go to the Practice Owner's Workshop.

What was the impact of Practice Owner's Workshop?
It opened my eyes to the fact that I really didn't know a lot about running a practice. Prime Practice presented a lot of great ideas and gave me some hope that my ideal practice was achievable. After this workshop, I was left wanting more... so I joined the Practice Management Program to learn as much as I could.

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The real reason patients say "I'll think about it"

Daniel Midson-Short, February 2015 - For most dentists, their day consists of at least 6 or 7 separate appointments with their patients, all with some sort of discussion around treatment, or at least the suggestion that the patient consider taking better care of their mouth.

One of the most common responses you hear as a dentist, whenever you suggest a course of treatment is the phrase ‘I’ll think about it.”

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