primespeak seminar

The world’s leading dental communications approach

In an ideal world, your patients will ask you for the correct treatment – the treatment that best fits their problem, instead of opting for the cheapest solution available. In this world, both patient and dentist are left happy and satisfied with a job well done. 

Primespeak will help you achieve this goal, removing the stress of selling treatments from your life as a professional. 




Increase Case Acceptance

Practices who employ the Primespeak approach creates an average increase of 60% case acceptance within a year. This adds an average of $850 daily production per day per dentist. If you are looking for ways to grow profit in your business, then Primespeak is a useful training course.


Change The Patients’ Mindset

Through effective communication, a dentist can build trust and rapport with patients and help them take ownership of their dental conditions. This will in turn get patients seeking optimum treatment and willingly return for regular appointments – thus creating loyal patients for life.


No Scripts or Sales Techniques

The Primespeak approach removes the whole sales pressure of selling dentistry through the use of non-scripted cue cards and specific mindsets to help stop the ‘sub-optimum treatment cycle’.


Primespeak enables you to help your patients make informed decisions through effective communication. You will be focused on educating them about their current condition and the best options available. This will enable them to make informed decisions without feeling pressured into a specific course of action. 

This counter-intuitive method will remove the need for sales-like conversations and take the stress of failure out of your patient communication. 

The result is a stress-free bond of trust between you and your patients. 

Dr. Tarek Kamel

Primespeak is the best communication course ever a dentist can do. I wish they taught us these communication skills in dental school.

Dr. Liban Mohamed

I have attended Primespeak for the third time now, and I am still always gaining and finding ways to improve my communication and journey in building trust and achieving optimal treatment. Thank you very much Prime Practice!

Dr. Rakesh Maini

A total paradigm busting experience that promises a lot of success. Changed every thought I have ever had about dental treatment acceptance. Can’t wait to work with this information with my patients, staff and my family.


Come and uncover how you can get your patients to ask you for the treatment you know they need. 

In this 1-day seminar, you will learn how to present treatment options and get your patients to make informed decisions while building trust and long lasting relationships. 

Primespeak Seminar’s success has been due to its ability to support participants to…

remove any perception of sales pressure
increase patient ownership of their dental conditions
bridge the gap between what a patient thinks they need and what you know they need
take the stress out of communicating with patients
NEVER be rejected
ALWAYS maintain trust and rapport with patients