Reward yourself this financial year

Daniel Midson-Short, June 2018 - Every year around the end of the financial year, we see dentists doing the same thing: they ‘invest’ money in a new chair, a new piece of equipment, a refurbishment of the practice furniture.

They do this because they see it as a way to get the most from their business before the end of the financial year. They also figure that it’s wise to spend money this way, as it will make more money for the practice. Of course, the special offers available across the market does play a part in making these decisions all the more enticing.

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HIT-BY-A-BUS TEST - Would Your Practice Survive it?

Daniel Midson-Short, May 2018 - You’ve probably heard the expression ‘you could get hit by a bus’. It’s a strangely morbid phrase that denotes that anytime, anywhere things could take a wrong turn.

The Bus Factor is a measurement of the risk resulting from information and capabilities not being documented or shared among team members.

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What Can Dental Practices Learn From A Bottle of Ketchup

Daniel Midson-Short, May 2018 -  

About 20 years ago, these upside-down ketchup bottles were invented by a man named Paul Brown who developed a special valve that released the contents of the bottle when its sides are pressed. His invention was bought by various companies, including Heinz who added it to the new upside-down bottle (whilst Brown sold his invention for $13 million!).

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Good Isn't Good Enough Anymore Today

Patric Moberger, May 2018 - Think for a moment how much business has changed in the past 15 years. Since the internet has taken hold of our lives, there has been a shift in the way that we as humans expect service.

It used to be that we would wait in lines, ask for information, accept poor behaviour without complaining, and pay any price without research. All that has changed today.

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Are You Ready For A Wave Of Change?

Daniel Midson-Short, May 2018 - Each generation has one thing in common - we all live through periods of change. We see new trends emerge all the time. Some of them affect us more than others.

Today, one of the main concerns globally is the trend of the ever-increasing ageing population. Demographic researchers have explained this phenomenon as a demographic transition: “a transition from relatively high mortality and high fertility rates to relatively low mortality and low fertility rates”.

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