Building and Empowering Leaders in Your Group Dental Practice

Anita Roubicek, February 2018 - Very often when a practice is bought by a group practice, there is very little in the way of change on the inside. The dental group takes control of the finances but allows the previous owner to continue to run the practice as long as they are happy doing so.

Even though they are no longer the owner, the original dentist is left on their own devices, to keep running the business.

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Kicking Off 2018 in the Right Direction

Dr Phillip Palmer, January 2018 - Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results has been said to be a sign of madness – yet, that’s what most of us do.

Year after year, most of us go to work, doing nothing different from previous years but hoping that this year will be different.

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Why patients say the dreaded four words: "I'll think about it"

Brett Churnin, November 2017 - Depending on the type of practice you run, you probably see about 15 patients every day. That’s 15 conversations about next steps and potential treatment options; which means 15 opportunities for you (or your front desk coordinator) to hear those four dreaded words: “I’ll think about it”.

At first, it can sound encouraging. They’re going to think about it, and then hopefully they’ll call back later and say, “book me in!”. And sometimes that does happen. Some patients really do need to go away and speak to their partner, or take some time to consider the pros and cons of the options they’ve been given so they can make an informed and powerful decision.

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