Why patients say the dreaded four words: "I'll think about it"

Brett Churnin, November 2017 - Depending on the type of practice you run, you probably see about 15 patients every day. That’s 15 conversations about next steps and potential treatment options; which means 15 opportunities for you (or your front desk coordinator) to hear those four dreaded words: “I’ll think about it”.

At first, it can sound encouraging. They’re going to think about it, and then hopefully they’ll call back later and say, “book me in!”. And sometimes that does happen. Some patients really do need to go away and speak to their partner, or take some time to consider the pros and cons of the options they’ve been given so they can make an informed and powerful decision.

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New Patient Examination: Are you going to "bed" on your first date?

Brett Churnin, November 2017 - These days, most dentists and practices are keen to explore ways to get new patients through the front door. It’s now commonplace to spend big dollars on advertising and marketing your services, boosting SEO, running special offers on various platforms, or working out ways to encourage existing patients to refer their family and friends. And yet it all goes down the drain if you and your team are not properly equipped to make a good first impression.

If you think about it carefully, your New Patient Examination is really like a first date - isn’t it?

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Why do some patients like Corporate Dental Practices* and what can every practice learn from this?

Dr Phillip Palmer Anita Roubicek, October 2017 - The question of why patients may be attracted to corporate practices is probably anathema to most privately owned practices. Most privately owned practices can only see reasons why a patient wouldn’t want to go, and yet, corporate practices have a growing place in the dental industry, so we wanted to explore WHY patients may want to visit corporate practices and what private practices can learn from this.

So what is the attraction? This is summarised below with 4Cs (and one B) Convenience, Cost, Compliance, Clean/Modern and Branding.

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Patient security breaches - could you be at risk?

Dr Phillip Palmer, September 2017 - While practice owners protect themselves with premises security, insurances for fire, injury and break-ins, it seems that practice owners either don’t see their patient records and database as valuable or they don’t feel that, if compromised, it could be a liability for them.  They couldn’t be more wrong…

Patient data in a dental practice is among the most valuable assets a practice has and is incredibly vulnerable the way that most practices operate. Often login details get written down and left lying around on a desk near the computer. Other practice owners give out their login details to staff that ask or have given staff unfettered access to login whenever and to whatever they want.

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