Group Practices are changing the marketplace

Anita Roubicek, June 2017 - Let’s have a look at what’s happened in the last 10 years with respect to the provision of dental services.

Ten years ago…it was only private practices providing dentistry. Yes they were aggregating, but still they were all owned by the dentists who were running them.

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Prime Practice Compliance expands

Press Release, June 2017 - Due to steady demand for compliance and risk management services across Australia and New Zealand, Prime Practice has expanded their Compliance division with Bronie Shvarts coming on board in the capacity of Manager Practice Solutions.

With over 20 years’ experience in the dental industry, having worked in a clinical setting as well as with major dental suppliers, Bronie will be joining Megan Sharpe who leads the Prime Practice Compliance team across Australia and New Zealand. Bronie brings extensive experience, drive and knowledge to assist dental professionals with infection prevention and control in the dental practice. Holding Dental Assisting, Oral Hygiene and Dental Radiography qualifications, as well as a Cert IV in Training and Assessment, Bronie is a great fit for the Prime Practice team.  Bronie has also run her own well-known Infection Control business for a number of years.

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What is being said on the phone?

Anita Roubicek, May 2017 - What is being said on the phone?
Being the person at the dental front desk is a huge challenge. You are balancing the patients in front of you, the daily schedule, the needs of the hygienist and dentist, and also talking to people on the phone.

Often it is the phone calls that get the least focus and attention. This is because they are unscheduled, happen often and can be seen as an unwelcome interruption to an otherwise busy day. Without training, it is easy to forget the potential value each of these calls represents. 

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Practice of the Month - Dr Peter Etcell & Associates Dental Practice

Client interview, May 2017 - How long have you owned your dental practice?
My dental practice has been in the same location for 35 years, however there has been a dental practice on this premises since 1942!!

What was your first Prime Practice workshop?
I was working with another practice management group for a few years, but had found my practice and growth plateauing very quickly, very soon after completing the curriculum. I made an appointment to meet Dr Phillip Palmer and met with him. It would have been around 2005. I have been working with Prime Practice ever since then! I have completed the Management Program curriculum and am currently a Prime Master.

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