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The ideal practice

In an ideal world, your patients will ask you for the correct treatment, the treatment that best fits their problem, instead of opting for the cheapest solution available. In this world, both the patient and the dentist are left happy and satisfied with a job well done.

Primespeak will help you achieve this goal, removing the stress of selling treatments from your life as a professional.

Achieve it

Our Primespeak line of products focuses on helping you reach the point where your days practising dentistry will end in satisfaction and fulfilment. Your work will be appreciated and your patients will be happy.

It sounds like a dream right now, but once you're done, you'll make it reality.

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to make sure you won't ever
need a sales pitch

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Method to success

Primespeak enables you to help your patients make informed decisions. You will be focused on educating them about their current condition and the best options available. This will enable them to make informed decisions without feeling pressured into a specific course of action.

This counter-intuitive method will remove the need for sales-like conversations and take the stress of failure out of your patient communication.

The result is a stress-free bond of trust between you and your patients.

Take the plunge

Join the thousands of others touched by Primespeak's philosophy. We've accumulated thousands of positive reviews over the years, a few of which can be found below.

Kick off your journey with the Primespeak Seminar or accumulate a never ending amount of experience through our Master Classes.

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Master Classes

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Each of our Master Classes revolve around a separate case, building on real experiences and real situations.



M ind-blowing, totally revolutionary change in thought process. I've taken PrimeSpeak 3 times. The time and effort I've put into learning the techniques have been repaid a hundred fold, maybe a thousand fold.

Dr Brett Taylor Penshurst NSW

A ll we have to say is WOW!! In our first two weeks back we closed (in the old vernacular) five cases. This last week, three. All zero conflict, all patients owning their situation. The first time I used Prime jargon and the three steps in front of my hygienist, she said with true amazement "What just happened here, she (our patient) took responsibility for all her woes!!" The success flowed even in French, as 50% of our clientele are Francophones.

Dr Terry Yacovitch Montreal QC

I am really fired up about what I have just learned. There are indeed some paradigm shifts. The communications skills will have an immediate and positive impact in my practice and can also be used to improve communication with family and friends.

Dr Alan Singleton Osoyoos BC

T his course will take a ton of weight off your shoulders.

Dr Danielle D'aoust Gallagher Montreal

I have a "successful" dental practice but I see the potential in this system to give me success without having to "sell" anything. I love this concept!

Dr Ken Siemens Alberta

I realize now there is a much more effective technique and process. A process that leaves me as the dentist and my patient in a better position regardless of the decision the patient makes. I look forward to learning and practicing these new methods. Thank you!

Dr Lydell Wenzel Alberta

I loved it so much! I keep coming back…seriously! It is the only and the best Patient, Dentist Communication course. Every dentist must attend PrimeSpeak!!

Dr Adrian Kat Morley WA

I f you are not a convert after this course then bury your head in the sand while the rest of the dental world stamps all over you!

Dr Gregory Hulme-Peake Toowoomba QLD

I was skeptical about the 'sales' concepts being manipulative or insincere and having done PrimeSpeak, am entirely convinced of the value and ethical application of PrimeSpeak tools.

Dr Mick Robinson Adelaide SA

W ow, I was blown away. I have taken countless practice management courses and utilized in-office consultants but I have never seen such powerful, seemingly counter-intuitive, and revolutionary material that every dentist and their team should hear. What an incredible paradigm shift! If you care about your patients, your team, and yourself and want ultimately to do the right thing then consider this course.

Dr Max Ebrahimian Scotts Valley CA

I t is the most important course a Dentist can do once they graduate. It has changed my life as a Dentist and I now love the way I work. I wish I did it 15years ago, so I could have helped more patients choose the ideal treatment.

Dr Joe Muscara Bassendean WA

P rimeSpeak is the best communication course ever a dentist can do. I wish they taught us these communication skills in dental school.

Dr Tarek Kamel Christies Beach SA

I wish I knew this course information 20 years ago. How much different my practice would be today.

Dr Scott Quandt Green Bay WI

T his is a great course! It is completely different from what we used to do in our office before. I am very positive that your approach will help us to increase treatment plan acceptance, make every patient happier and retain more patients in our practice.

Dr Nadia O'neal Florida FL

A total paradigm busting experience that promises a lot of success. Changed every thought that I have ever had about dental treatment acceptance. Can't wait to go home and work with this information, with my patients, my staff and my family.

Dr Rakesh Maini Burlington

I can easily say that this is the best course on dental communication that I have ever taken... I am certain that it will totally revolutionize the way that I practice.

Dr Brad Durham Savannah GA

A bsolutely amazing! If one can master these principles and concepts, case presentation will skyrocket – just by utilizing bits and pieces our case acceptance has already increased exponentially!

Dr Mike Bingham Salt Lake City UT

F ull mouth consults are no longer stressful, they're fun. I feel like an artist just doing the consults. And I get to skip around the office after closing the case and high five the team.

Dr Keith Ogawa Eagle Point OR

P rimeSpeak to me is an entirely different way of communicating with a patient. It really is being “with” the patient instead of talking to the patient. I recommend it highly if you are interested in being more effective in case acceptance.

Dr David Miles Aiken SC

W e can’t wait to start implementing these tactics in our practice. Such a different way of thinking and approaching treatment planning with our patients. Very exciting material.

Dr Jessica Logan Kinnelon NJ

W OW! Without a doubt the most amazing course. A stunning method to relate to any patient that can only produce improved results in case acceptance. Very different and counter-intuitive to master the techniques, but worth a fortune to the overall effect on our practice.

Dr Michael Folck Virginia Beach VA

W onderful opportunity to change the way you practice and perhaps in life in general. Non-sales, no pressure presentation that seems so logical and so right. I can’t wait to get back and incorporate into practice. You need to be open to a huge change to accept this information. 5 stars.

Dr Jerry Strauss Fairfield NJ

F inally a blue print laid out to follow the hardest thing in dentistry - helping the patient achieve their need... the solutions now lie within our grasp.

Dr Danny Chacko Oneida TN

I f you would love to connect to your patients and take the stress out of your day. PrimeSpeak is a must! The course was more about the patients giving solutions to us instead of dentists telling the patients what to do.The course honors patients as individuals, respects their boundaries and avoids violating them which may have resulted in alienating the patients from the practice.

Dr David Peck Springfield MA

T his course is fabulous. My only mistake was not bringing the entire team. It is a new language that everyone in the office must speak.

Dr Tara Hadin Mason OH

I 've taken every major management course out there over my 30 years in practice. All felt artificial, pushy and sales orientated and none truly gelled as a result. This is the first program that feels authentic, human and in the patients best interest. Thank you for an eye opening experience - Exceptional!!

Dr Robert Logan Kinnelon NJ

I have had a few watershed events in my 23 years of dental practice when I would know that from here on out my course would change forever in a significant way. Attending PrimeSpeak and learning the concepts is another such event. I started using the PrimeSpeak skills on the day I got back from the course. It is fantastic. Since it is a fundamental shift in communication paradigm, it is applicable at the office as well as at home. In my opinion, what is important is that it feels "natural".

Dr Prabu Raman Kansas City MO

N o matter how many times I do your courses I walk away learning something new and useful.

Dr Chris Lim Auckland

P rimeSpeak goes completely against the wood grain of the traditional sales method. Its supportive, gentle & comfortable to our patients. There is absolutely no selling, no pressure, no pushing. Instead, there is an increased patient knowledge & understanding of dental conditions and ultimately a natural want from patients for what's best for them.

Dr Hui-Long Lee Glendowie

I thought it would be good - it was much better. A great way to re-evaluate and plan for the future.

Dr Marcus Cooney Singapore

W onderful - out of this world.

Dr Joyce Boudeville Singapore

A n excellent presentation of counter-intuitive techniques that is a must for achieving higher levels of practice success.

Dr Stephen Burch Mclean VA

I t was one of the most inspirational courses I have attended. Absolutely non-aggressive, non-scripted and non-invasive. I am very impacted by the experience and would like my fellow dentists from India to experience the ambrosia of "PrimeSpeak".

Dr A Kumarswamy Mumbai ME