About Prime Practice

Prime Practice has been a leader in dental practice management since 1995. Our business was created by dentists who wanted to make a difference to other dentists, with a full understanding of the challenges and opportunities that practice owners face.

Born and based in Australia, Prime Practice has grown to become a global dental consultancy with clients in Asia, North America and Europe. We know what it takes to grow and sustain a successful business and pride ourselves on our unique product content and innovative technologies.

Anita Roubicek Joint CEO
Wayne Shainfeld Joint CEO
Dr. Phillip Palmer Chairman (Australia)


The Prime Practice team of Business Coaches have diverse backgrounds in business, psychology, dentistry, allied health and education. The team is passionate about creating effective teams, developing solid leadership, and supporting businesses to be profitable and successful.

Brett Churnin General Manager - Client Relationships
Patric Moberger General Manager - Training & Development
Maya Carson Coach/Consultant
Michelle Clark Coach/Consultant
Lisa Gaines Coach/Consultant
Ronan Lutman Coach/Consultant
Robbie Moore Coach/Consultant
Steven Valentine Coach/Consultant
Harvey James Coach/Consultant
Jen Cox Coach/Consultant
Daleen Kupsch Coach/Consultant

Prime Facts

Prime Practice has been a leader in dental practice management since 1995. Based in Australia, Prime Practice is a dental consultancy with clients all over the world.

Without wanting to toot our own horn, we’ve had some pretty big successes over the years - but don’t take our word for it!

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