With over 20 different workshop topics you and your team will gain a deep insight into every facet of a successful dental practice.

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Our workshops and seminars are a great investment in you and your team for long term practice benefits including communication, team cohesion and creating an ideal day, every day.

Workshop categories

Online Appointment Book Scheduling
Dentist, Team - Live Online

Taking control of your appointment book can reduce stress, improve the patient experience and help your entire practice have an ideal day every day. Learn the secrets to effective appointment book scheduling with this Live Online Session.

Best Practice Phone Skills
Dentist, Team - Sydney

This workshop will teach your front office team or anyone who answers the phone communication skills so they can maximise conversion of phone calls to patients and build trust to form a relationship before the patient ever meets the dentist.

Online Best Practice Phone Skills Part 1
Dentist, Team - Live Online

This Live Online Training will teach your front office team or anyone who answers the phone communication skills so they can maximise conversion of phone calls to patients and build trust to form a relationship before the patient even meets the dentist.

Online Best Practice Phone Skills Part 2
Dentist, Team - Live Online

This Live Online Training will teach your front office team or anyone who answers the phone communication skills so they can maximise conversion of phone calls to patients and build trust to form a relationship before the patient even meets the dentist.

Program only
Business Management
Principal Dentist - Sydney

As a business owner, you are constantly faced with continuous change. In this workshop you will work with other business owners, learning some practical and necessary tools to deal with the change both as a leader and a manager of the practice.

Online Cancellations and Late Patients
Dentist, Team - Live Online

Create protocols and policies to minimize disruptions and prevent cancellations, fail to attends and late patients.

Dentistry 101
Dentist, Team, Practice Manager - Sydney

Fundamentals for those in the dental industry.
Dentistry consists of a whole new language which is essential to understand the industry. This workshop provides insights and knowledge for anyone new or interested in the dental industry.

Program only
Getting Aligned
Dentist, Team - Perth, Sydney, Victoria

Align your practice through its mission statement, culture, systems and communication skills. Building towards your ideal practice with a consistent approach to patient communication.

Online Handling Emergencies
Dentist, Team - Live Online

Create an emergency patient policy that suits your practice in order to minimise disruptions to the ideal day and maximise patient care.

Online HR: Induction and Onboarding
Principal Dentist, Practice Manager - Live Online

All the tools and systems you'll need to set your new team members up for success!

Online HR: Recruitment
Principal Dentist, Practice Manager - Live Online

Learn how to analyse the need for new team members, and how to find and hire the right person for the job.

Online HR: Reviews and Performance
Principal Dentist, Practice Manager - Live Online

Learn exactly how to set expectations and use competencies as key measures of success!

Online Huddles and Team Meetings
Dentist, Team - Live Online

Discover why the most successful dental practices use Huddles and Team Meetings to promote team cohesion, communication and engagement.

Infection Prevention and Sterilisation Workshop
Dentist, Team - Brisbane, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney

Sterilisation and disinfection are important for both personal safety and patient safety. All processes should be based on a philosophy of risk management and quality assurance. The philosophy of how an item is used, stored, contaminated and reused or disposed determines the optimal method of sterilisation and/or disinfection.
The latest Aus and NZ standards (AS/NZS4815) stipulate that dental practices need to provide appropriate education and training for staff responsible for instruments.

Online Infection Prevention Part 1: Compliance
Dentist, Team - Live Online

Find out how to Get Safe, Be Safe and Stay Safe in your dental practice. These four key elements will get you started.

Leadership Essentials
Principal Dentist, Practice Manager - Melbourne, Sydney

Regardless of your role, there are many challenges when it comes to leading a dental practice or multiple practices even. Come and discover the essential leadership skills you need to lead and empower your team to achieve your practice’s goals in this 2-day workshop.

Program only
Masters of Leadership 2019
Principal Dentist, Practice Manager - Sydney

At this year’s Masters of Leadership, we will walk you through the principles of effective marketing. From learning how brand works, to creating an integrated marketing campaign for your practice, we will walk you through how a campaign is put together and what factors influence your marketing success.

Online Maximising a Hygiene/OHT Department
Dentist, Team, Clinicians - Live Online

Having a hygienist/OHT can be a great source of relief for a Dentist, but it can be fraught with cancellations and no shows. Discover the systems and communication skills to maximise collaboration between the Dentist and the Hygienist/OHT to set yourselves up for success!

Power to the Practice Manager
Principal Dentist, Practice Manager - Darwin, Melbourne, Perth

This 1-day workshop addresses the changing and expanding role of the Practice Manager providing tools to help take some of the responsibility off the shoulders of the practice owner/dentist.

Practice Owner's Workshop
Principal Dentist - Adelaide, Auckland, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney

Learn the fundamentals of running a successful practice with this dental practice management course.
The Practice Owner's Workshop will teach practice owners how to schedule an ideal day every day, unlock the secrets to effective dental marketing, learn the communication skills necessary to build positive patient relationships and the leadership skills that will see your practice flourish.

Primespeak Master Class - Patient: Mildred
Dentist - Sydney

The much anticipated sequel to our well-renowned Primespeak seminar is here. Primespeak Master Class will help you hone and refine your dental communication skills to increase optimum treatment acceptance.

Primespeak Seminar
Dentist, Clinicians - Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Wellington

Our world famous communications seminar has been around the world, teaching dentists new communication skills enabling them to create and maintain long term relationships with their patients.
Learn how to get patients wanting the treatment you know they need by eliminating sales pressure and creating great, long lasting patient relationships.

Online Recall Systems
Dentist, Team - Live Online

Find out why we call it Active Maintenance, how it can transform your practice, and enhance the ongoing oral health of your patients. Suitable for the whole team of all practices, whether you have a Hygienist/OHT or not.

Program only
Team Accelerate
Dentist, Team - Adelaide, Auckland, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Singapore, Sydney, Tamworth, Wellington

Get your team-managed practice striving for excellence using effective collaboration and advanced problem solving skills.

Online The 4 Pillars of an Effective Dental Front Office
Dentist, Team, Clinicians, Principal Dentist, Practice Manager - Location to be announced

Who should attend: Front Office Team, Practice Managers, Practice Owners.

The Exceptional Patient Experience
Dentist, Team - Auckland, Brisbane, Perth

Learn how to ensure you are giving all your patients an exceptional experience when they visit you.

This workshop brings together your team to create a vision for what "exceptional" looks like and a roadmap to get there.

CPD hours available!

Australian clinicians are required to make their own assessment as to the number of hours of Non-Scientific Continuing Education each course provides. This course is eligible for NZDA CPD points.

Prime Practice guarantees courses are compliant with the current Dental Board of Australia Guidelines on Continuing Professional Development.


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