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G reat course, amazing insight on how to deliver the complete new patient exam correctly. Helps patients really understand their own problems without you coming across as being a salesperson.

Dr Patrick McCann-Jackson Sydney NSW

T he activity was engaging and wasn't specific to DA's or practitioner it involved everyone.

Priyanka Vanama Toowoomba QLD

L oved this workshop. It was so great to get involved and learn new things to take back to the practice!

Dr Hayley Grant Coorparoo QLD

F or those looking to improve and exceed your practice’s performance. This is a fantastic way to help show you how to attain this for your practice.

Kristi Ewen Nelson Bay NSW

A nother great Prime workshop. It reinforces some concepts learnt from the practice manager workshop and now sharing it with my team members and working together towards a common goal/action plan. A team bonding opportunity not to be missed.

Dr Henry Moy Wadalba NSW

I t completely changed how I view new patient exam, and I'm now excited to implement what I've learned into my daily practice!

Dr Jeffrey Ong City Beach WA

I t’s been an amazing experience and such an eye opener, doing this course for the second time is a proof of how rich and deep the material presented, and how potentially if implemented correctly can be a game changer.

Dr David Martin Sydney NSW

I believe the success in any field starts from proper guidance. Now I believe primespeak is the guidance.

Dr Lateef Matlab Sydney NSW

I t has changed my entire perspective towards my patients. It's incredible!!

Dr Vidhi Patel Woden ACT

A n extremely valuable course for both clinicians and managers. Definitely an insight into optimizing contact with patients to achieve the most appropriate solution for their dental health. Many useful tips and guides to to follow.

Kathy Stark Norwood SA

I nformative, fun-learning, easy to grab, simple to understand.

Dr Renu Yadav Norwood SA

S o many new tools to take back to the practice! Thanks for a great informative and useful workshop! Loved it!

Karen Dolbel Chinchilla QLD

F antastic tips not only for the workplace but for life.

Michelle Gramazio Rose Park SA

I t was very informative and engaging and the communication tools are easy to use and implement.

Dr Rajalakshmi Alagirisamy Kallangur QLD

I 'm glad I finally did Primespeak. I'm two years out and fairly comfortable with communication yet I've still picked up a ton witch will have a tangible impact on communicating with my patients. Thank you.

Dr David Keir Sydney QLD

I t’s like a language for high performers.

Dr William Huynh Brisbane QLD

B rought 2 of my team to reactivate what we have been doing for a long time but needed some reinforcement. Today definitely provided us with more information to [improve] our practice performance.

Dr Greg Duguid Gold Coast QLD

T hank you for a motivating, engaging and comfortable learning environment and practical learning tips.

Amany Ishak Melton VIC

P ower to the Practice Manager workshop gave so much helpful information on the overall running of the practice. Our trainers were so engaging and answered all questions to the best of their abilities.

Emily Saunders Camperdown VIC

V ery interesting in all aspects, [I] have learnt a lot of new things and also have got a lot of updates on knowledge I already had.

Alia Mohammad Melbourne VIC

I t was a great way for the whole team to come together and understand why the practice was making the changes it is making.

Shreya Gor Perth WA

I f are wondering why new patients are not rebooking, this is the seminar for you!

Dr Weicheng Jiang Melbourne VIC

V ery informative and engaging presentations. An absolute must for Dentists in all phases of practice to employ into their routines. Highly recommended.

Dr Gurpreet Sidhu Melbourne VIC

L earnt a range of techniques I can now practice and hopefully perfect with my clients. Definitely would be interested in continuing my communication skills with Primespeak!

Sapir Tossia Melbourne VIC

P rimespeak really opened my eyes to another communication language. It really broke down the theory to help make these communication techniques more implementable.

Dr Alice Chen Melbourne VIC

G reat workshop for the whole team to understand how the practice needs to operate and align values to achieve the goals of the practice.

Dr Kushal Kothari Perth WA

A ll of the activities were exciting and new. My staff enjoyed themselves and came back with useful ideas and strategies.

Dr Haddon Suttner Sydney NSW

E xcellent workshop, every clinician and member of the team should do this course.

Ruth Wang Auckland NZN

L oved the fact that we dig deeper into things and thought outside the square

Kate Mitchell Sydney NSW

I t was very structured [program] with very applicable tips, techniques and strategies to facilitate effective and efficient communication with patients.

Dr Larry Au-Yong Kuala Lumpur, MAL

V ery informative seminar with very practical tips and lessons on interacting and communicating with patients. Will definitely try to incorporate some of these techniques in day-to-day practice.

Dr Timothy Sim Kuala Lumpur, MAL

I t will be helpful with my work as a Front Desk officer as it could give me more understanding about the importance of telephone history from the patient.

Cristina Ebarvia Singapore

G reat information including tips and tricks on how to communicate with patients. This is a class to not be missed by anyone! Attend it and it will benefit you greatly!

Dr Wan Jing Ooi Selangor, MAL

L ots of "golden nuggets" to take away and use to enhance the patient experience when it comes to communicating at the new patient exam. I learn something new every time.

Dr Sylvia Lee Auckland NZN

T his was a very informative, fun and interesting day. It was so relaxed and I felt comfortable enough to speak freely. Thanks so much and look forward to going back and trying out some of these things.

Sue Pearce Dunedin NZS

G reat to have attended the workshop, and have gained some insight as to what other practices have experienced in this particular field! Received some great insight to what we could improve.

Nga Wojcik Adelaide SA

I t was nice to attend something that emphasised self and group improvement, not specifically dental

Dr Heather Mueller Sydney NSW

T here is a realisation that slowly sinks in that this [is] the only way to communicate with my patients.

Dr Paul Joicey Auckland NZN

A s a Dental Assistant I found it very helpful in clarifying how my role plays in treatment planning and building trust in the clinician-patient relationship. I look forward to putting prime into practice!

Drisana Haddow Auckland NZN

I always find the Prime workshops helpful and fun and very informative.

Sharon Tennant Melbourne VIC

I nspired to do more and learnt a lot about handling business.

Anjali n/a Sydney NSW

O ne of the better primes I’ve been too. I also really like the workshops when we get a lot of time to discuss and work together in our teams. Some workshops don’t give enough time for team discussions. I also liked the fact that there was minimal stranger danger and role playing.

Rachel n/a Brisbane QLD

T his was my first seminar as a new graduate and it was absolutely fantastic. It was run very well and was engaging! As a new graduate I believe this was a great first step into becoming a better dentist and will without a doubt improve all my patients experiences.

Dr Kashfia Jamali Melbourne VIC

I t completely changes the way I see communication. I was "unconsciously incompetent"before the course but i feel confident to build patient trust after the course

Dr Jason Lin Melbourne VIC

T his workshop is not only great to apply in a clinical setting, but also gives you an insight in how to utilise the skills in everyday experiences when communicating with people. It has taught me how to effectively build a trusting relationship with patients using prime terminology and techniques.

Dr Pinar Kaya Melbourne VIC

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