Over the years we've gathered a fair amount of testimonials and reviews. We're proud of each and every one of our clients, and will gladly share their feedback with you.

T hank you for a very educational and fun experience.

Tyda n/a Sydney NSW

G reat day. Lots of helpful information for this PM who felt a little bit lost. Thank you!

Ilsa Gough Sydney NSW

I really found today to be very helpful. All speakers were very open and I felt comfortable to address them. Thank you all kindly.

Desiree Agius Sydney NSW

P eople management was particularly interesting to me. I feel I will be able to help my practices to grow with this knowledge. Recruitment tools were very informative.

Sharyn Jones Sydney NSW

A truly motivating course with fresh ideas and guidance.

Dr Hana Saeed Sydney NSW

G reat workshop, really enjoyed it. Feeling inspired and motivated to grow a successful practice.

Dr Jenni Tippmann Sydney NSW

I enjoyed the course very much - lots to take back to my practice.

Sophie n/a Sydney NSW

T hank you very much for an informative and energising workshop. Lots of great information and support.

Robyn Nixon Brisbane QLD

T he following is a short note of my appreciation to Prime: "I have been with Prime for over 10 years. Besides increasing my turnover and profit I have learned how to communicate with my patients, my staff and my family. Above all it is my personal development through the one on one coaching that I valve most." Once again thank you very much to you and the Prime team. It has been a privilege to be associated with Prime.

Dr Terry Yuen Glenside SA

A great course with many useful concepts to take back to practice. Very valuable to discuss things with other members of the group.

Dr Helen Powis Sydney NSW

I t was great to hear you speak yet again (my third time) and again I learned a few things, which we implemented immediately.

Dr Rachel Bouwman Sydney NSW

P rime has been my practice companion since I graduated 10 years ago. I'm excited for my team to have the same exposure.

Dr Sandy Iyer Brisbane QLD

A great day and learnt a lot of new things that I can use in my work place.

Melissa n/a Brisbane QLD

L oved every moment of this course, thanks a lot!

Dr Ahmad Al-Hassiny Wellington NZS

I t was such an amazing workshop, I learned about myself and it made me realise that good communication is really really important.

Daphne Baliwag Wellington NZS

I 've been doing Prime for less than a year and it's already changed my working life dramatically for the better. Thanks to all especially my coach!

Dr Georgia Sheaham Brisbane QLD

T wo days full of information which will help create a positive experience for staff and patients leading to more treatment acceptance and patient satisfaction.

Tammee Berry Perth WA

G reat course, energetic delivery. Plenty to review and adjust in practice - looking forward to implementing for the benefit of our patient's understanding.

Claire n/a Sydney NSW

I t really helps you take control of your career and see things in a more organised and less stressful way.

Dr Stelle Mueller Sydney NSW

T he coach was very clear, succinct and engaged in the presentation. Primespeak was a real eye opener to better communication in both our professional and personal lives. Thank you.

Dr Anna Ng Sydney NSW

G reat trainers - they were fantastic. Course content was very useful for our practice. Excited to incorporate new skills. Thank you.

Manja n/a Sydney NSW

V ery helpful and useful course with a lot of information that can be used within work and also in my personal life.

Dr Lynsey McCleery Sydney NSW

I am beyond happy that I have learnt to see the blind me. Thank you for teaching me how to work to the best of my ability and understand everyone around me. I have learnt so much about myself and will implement a happier, less passive me!

Dana n/a Sydney NSW

E xcellent as always - especially for new staff members, very useful!

Rebecca Silveira Sydney NSW

O ne of the best workshops I've been to!

Cassandra n/a Sydney NSW

H aving done Primespeak before I found this an invaluable useful refresher.

Dr Errol Kilov Melbourne VIC

T aught me that I need to give more feedback and open up about how I feel and what needs to be improved.

Aleisha Hibell Sydney NSW

I find this as an eye opener for communications issues and it removes the borders between the dentist & patient and also aligns the whole dental team.

Anwar Karim Singapore

A fter this Primespeak workshop I realised this is an advanced communication system and very unique. It is totally different from the way we routinely do clinics. Trust is transferred, giving back control to the patients and this changes the whole pattern - awesome!

Dr Chen Ye Hoy Singapore

T here is no doubt that the content of the program is amazingly useful. But I also would like to highlight how helpful Maya and Brett are when I had problems digesting the intense content of the program during these 2 days. Thank you for being great mentors.

Dr June Lim Singapore

F or me, I think the concepts I've learnt theses 2 days not only benefit building trust with my patients, but also in my other relationships with friends & family. Thank you for a fabulous seminar.

Ching Sze Tai Singapore

T his was by far the best Prime Practice seminar I have been to. I really felt the coach was attentive and addressed all the issues that were brought up by the group. I felt that during the seminar I was captivated. There were the right amount of activities, book and table work.

Kan Shah Auckland NZN

O verall excellent experience and learning opportunity.

Zahraa Al Wadee Sydney NSW

I t was a great experience for me. It was my very first time to attend a Prime Practice workshop and I absolutely gained lots of skills and techniques that I will be using at work.

Elina Isaac Sydney NSW

G etting Aligned was my first seminar as a practice manager at Smiles Unlimited and I found it very rewarding. A great coach with outstanding enthusiasm and knowledge. I look forward to implementing these new ideas in our practice.

Maria n/a Sydney NSW

I found the workshop very useful for re-enforcing my team. It was very well presented in an easy to understand manner.

Dr Halminder Sian Sydney NSW

V ery efficient beneficial information. It was really good learning the correct phrases to use.

Georgia Fensom Sydney NSW

A very interesting day with lots of useful information and lots to implement in our practice.

Jina Rabie Sydney NSW

A n eye opener on the different aspects of daily work and the opportunities we are missing out on.

Dr Mohammed Jafar Sydney NSW

I really got a lot of information from today that I can implement into our practice to make it more viable and run smoothly.

Gayle n/a Sydney NSW

E xcellent and concise course at an easy to follow pace.

Victor Lee Sydney NSW

A lways valuable to attend Prime Practice workshops! Thank you for introducing new concepts and providing ideas to enhance our existing procedures.

Dr Natasha Madhok Sydney NSW

I found today's Prime Practice seminar very insightful and helpful. I have taken away a lot of information that I feel we can implement at out practice to make our team stronger and more successful.

Alexia McKee Sydney NSW

G reat review of such important aspects of running a strong team and practice. Really helped new staff understand our 'ethos' and all of us to be on the same page.

Dr Joanne Davies Sydney NSW

T hank you for your time. Looking forward to developing our practice skills further with the help of Prime Practice.

Dr Kosha Jhalda Adelaide SA

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