Over the years we've gathered a fair amount of testimonials and reviews. We're proud of each and every one of our clients, and will gladly share their feedback with you.

V ery beneficial day - lots to take away and implement.

Mike Cater Auckland NZN

M aya and Megan both are fantastic & experienced coaches. They are well prepared and delivered the messages well. Thoroughly enjoyed today's course. Never stopped learning with Prime. Thank you for keeping my practice on track so that Chris and I can have more time to ourselves!

Dr Sally Bing Auckland NZN

F antastic course; I loved how everyone was so involved.

Alana Costley Auckland NZN

T hank you Maya and Meg I feel so empowered and can't wait to go back to my practice and implement what I have learnt!

Dr Assill Russell Auckland NZN

L ove these training sessions. Highly recommended to everyone in our profession. I really feel lucky that my boss has organized that for me. :) Thanks team Prime Practice.

Ravinder Kaur Sydney NSW

I found the trainers to be very engaging and I really enjoyed participating in the course. I'm looking forward to practicing the methods I've learnt in this course.

Tara Canton Sydney NSW

V ery comprehensive course. Lots of things to learn. Love the position statement!

Dr Shaveta Bhayani Sydney NSW

I would recommend Primespeak as a good course for more open communication for practices to enhance patient and clinic outcomes.

Wendy n/a Perth WA

I learnt a lot and will definitely use the tools I learnt at work and also in my day to day life.

Michell Longman Perth WA

I t's never too late to learn new skills. After 27 years as a DA & FOC I've learnt so much in the last two days at the Primespeak training. Thank you for providing such an enthusiastic coach. Looking forward to the next one.

Ruth Watt Perth WA

V ery good speaker and presenter. Very useful and practical information.

Dr Arezoo Khadembaski Perth WA

G reat couple of days. A lot of useful tips delivered in an engaging and fun manner.

Dr Sophie Ferguson Perth WA

I found the course very interesting with great concepts delivered in an easy to understand way.

Dr Angela Pathmanathan Perth WA

H ad a great experience. An abundance of information, presented in a friendly and approachable manner. Thank you very much!

Dr Caitlyn Foote Perth WA

I think every dentist should do this course.

Dr Richard Yap Perth WA

G reat day! Very interactive and awesome fun.

Shardai n/a Perth WA

R eally enjoyed today and I look forward to implementing what I learned today into my work.

Chloe O'Callaghan Christchurch NZS

I was informed, entertained and motivated.

Vanessa O'Rourke Christchurch NZS

T horoughly enjoyed the course. Excellent presenter, great venue. Learned a lot of valuable information that will help me greatly in my role. Thank you.

Sue Taylor Wellington NZN

I t's good to learn in a fun and rel;axed manner how 'easy' it can be to create the best with our team.

Rachel Bauwman Wellington NZN

I t was a great experience. Lot of stuff to take to our clinic. Thank you so much for your time and support.

Hannah Han Wellington NZN

A mazing course - very informative and fun. Will help me a lot in my new role.

Monique n/a Wellington NZN

A mazing as usual, genuine and knows the reality of the work 'on the floor' in the practice - understands totally. Presented the expertise in a lovely manner and always want more time to 'pick brains'!

Linda Lucre Wellington NZN

I mplementing Primespeak is firming the foundations with my patients. Being able to effectively communicate is the best start of a life long relationship.

Danjela Ellis Canberra ACT

T he trainer had excellent skills to transfer information through various methods used for the course. She was spot on in correcting mistakes which can lead to good rapport towards the patient. Thank you.

Ronak Joshi Canberra ACT

G reat course, good environment and trainer was a great presenter. Good networking opportunity.

Dr Rebecca Sun Canberra ACT

B etter communication gives clarity and courage to implement treatments and planning confidently. Primespeak workshop is a step on that journey.

Srikanth Kacumuri Canberra ACT

S econd time doing this course and fond more and more helpful strategies, techniques and methods - will likely do it again.

Dr Michael Bain Canberra ACT

I enjoyed the huge amount of information and clarification on best practice - a very nice refresher.

Summa n/a Perth WA

F antastic and engaging coaching session. Very informative.

Dr Cindy Yong Perth WA

I t was engaging and answered a lot of relevant questions I had regarding my role as a FOC.

Kystal Brookfield Perth WA

V ery enjoyable and learnt a lot - was interesting and fun.

Tahnee Coles Perth WA

F antastic. Learnt a lot. Looking forward to putting it into practice.

Amy Montgomery Perth WA

I nformative and well structured - some good activity and interactive sessions.

Julie Hosonti Perth WA

T he trainer was incredibly knowledgeable, full of information and real life experience and applications. Was able to answer any and all questions. Meg was phenomenal. I've learned more today than in any other infection and sterilisation workshop or course. Had answers to questions that I didn't even know I had. Brilliant!

Grace White Brisbane QLD

M any thanks for a fun info-filled day!

Natalia Gooch Sydney NSW

V ery useful and engaging workshop. Looking forward to taking it all back to the practice and making some changes. Thank you!

Miranda Huxtable Sydney NSW

P rime Practice workshops are practical and informative. Their knowledge and experience is phenomenal - this paired with their passion for coaching others, resulted in an amazing workshop for our dental practice covering all areas of dental practice management.

Charlie Boyle Sydney NSW

T rainer was a fantastic speaker and involved the participants in discussions and exercises. He also explained everything very well. Funny too - thanks also to the support staff great job!

Kate n/a Sydney NSW

G reat presentation, speaker was very clear and concise.

Dr Monica Collins Sydney NSW

T his was my first time at a Prime meeting as I've only joined the journey 3 weeks ago. It was very informative, professional and helpful. I was very anxious before coming here but I'm so glad I actually attended and look forward to the next meeting.

Natalia Calcagno Sydney NSW

G reat course for owners and their teams. Fourth time here, always learn something new.

Dr Keith Thegooton Sydney NSW

G ot a great recharge as usual!

Dr Peter Etcell Sydney NSW

I t's always good to bring my team to these days not just to see what we need to fix, but also to see what we are already doing well!

Dr Nidhi Borera Sydney NSW

A mazing, looking forward to another course!

Dr Yeliz n/a Sydney NSW

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