Over the years we've gathered a fair amount of testimonials and reviews. We're proud of each and every one of our clients, and will gladly share their feedback with you.

M eg is an informative, inspirational speaker who makes me strive to run a better practice and improve procedures.

Sharon Rasmus Adelaide SA

M egan was great. Kept me interested the whole time and through some interesting topics.

Dr Megan Chichton Adelaide SA

M egan Sharpe is incredibly informative, vibrant and extremely helpful. I enjoyed her course and can’t wait to see her again in the future.

Pam Hiroti

V ery informative session on Infection Control for our team and well executed. Thanks, Bronie!

Johanna n/a Canberra ACT

T hank you so much for everything, we are still talking about your visit and everything you taught us. We have our first patient who would like to have tooth bleaching.

Carolin McNatty Invercargill

B ronie was AMAZING! Very informative! She had an answer and solution for everything! I really enjoyed today, thank you!

Sally-Anne n/a Tamworth NSW

T hank you for your informative lecture – so much information in such a short space of time.

Dr Carole McLean Sydney NSW

B ronie’s infection control training was absolutely fantastic. I would highly recommend to any practice wanting to ensure they are up to date with the latest in infection control policies and procedures.

Bree n/a Brisbane QLD

T hank you Meg for the assistance you have given so far – I feel I’ve learned a lot from your wealth of knowledge on this subject, and have enjoyed working with you.

Liz Eyles Auckland

E xcellent review of infection control.

Thomas Mathai Newcastle NSW

C ould listen to Megan all day long and still not enough time. Well informed and most enjoyable - see you again soon and no more scrubbing!

Annette Garani Newcastle NSW

I would go to Meg’s workshops every year if there was one available, I appreciate the personal experiences and stories from Meg as I feel this really resonates with people. I have now been to 3 of her workshops and have found each and every one full of well researched knowledge, I always take something new away each and every time. I Love that I have a lot of information to bring back to our staff , I would recommend these workshops to any staff member of a dental practice on a regular basis as things are always changing and a refresher is always great.

Angella Tamworth Newcastle NSW

V ery informative, plenty of information presented in such a way as to make it useful and easily implemented. Very approachable and enthusiastic speakers.

Angela McCauley Auckland

V ery relevant, informative and practical guidelines. Trainers were amusing, knowledgeable and happy to go into further explanation. Well worthwhile, came away with some great tools to apply to our practice.

Tracee Hansen Auckland

T hank you! Gained a lot from it. Good motivator

Christine Black Auckland

W onderful presentation filled with valuable information that I look forward to implementing to improve our practice experience. Thank you. Thoroughly enjoyed- didn't yawn once!

Debbie Gregson Auckland

I will definitely be speaking with our Principal Dentist and Business Manager about more courses.

Monique Delzers Auckland

E njoyed it. The course was what I expected. Also great to network a bonus, share ideas. Would recommend to others. Bring Meg to the South Island.

Linda Lucre Auckland

V ery informative and covered a broad range of topics. Thanks Steve!

Hannah Steer Sydney NSW

T he class helped to reinforce what knowledge I'd acquired from the Primespeak Seminar and encouraged me to keep digging further and realize my journey of professional improvement.

Dr Lauren Bolta Brisbane QLD

O verall has been a good experience.

Darren NA Sydney NSW

V ery informative seminar definitely some great systems to be put in place.

Cathy Billitteri Sydney NSW

V ery informative day, thank you to all the staff at Prime Practice.

Noemi Teres Sydney NSW

F antastic, comprehensive course jam packed with useful tools and information.

Emma Grubb Sydney NSW

U seful information and practical.

Alice Zhou Sydney NSW

V ery informative two days. Thanks.

Josephine NA Sydney NSW

V ery good! Very informative!

Pip Johnson Sydney NSW

V ery informative. Easy to understand and precise.

Cleo Nito Auckland NZN

A s usual meg provided a fun twist on a dry subject.

Sally Lumber Sydney NSW

A highly and informative course!

Allana Coxon Sydney NSW

R eally good speaker, very clear covered an extensive amount in small amount of time.

Ashleigh Farrugia Sydney NSW

I recently attended the Prime Practice Power to the Practice Manager workshop. The workshop covered a lot of information, delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb. The structure was clear, logical and effective. But it wasn’t just about the new knowledge. The main benefits came from receiving individual feedback and interacting with other participants. I highly recommend this workshop to any front desk or Practice Manager as you come away so inspired and motivated.

Emma Somerfield Brisbane QLD

T hank you for a very educational and fun experience.

Tyda n/a Sydney NSW

G reat day. Lots of helpful information for this PM who felt a little bit lost before. Thank you!

Ilsa Gough Sydney NSW

I really found today to be very helpful. All speakers were very open and I felt comfortable to address them. Thank you all kindly.

Desiree Agius Sydney NSW

P eople management was particularly interesting to me. I feel I will be able to help my practices to grow with this knowledge. Recruitment tools were very informative.

Sharyn Jones Sydney NSW

A truly motivating course with fresh ideas and guidance.

Dr Hana Saeed Sydney NSW

G reat workshop, really enjoyed it. Feeling inspired and motivated to grow a successful practice.

Dr Jenni Tippmann Sydney NSW

I enjoyed the course very much - lots to take back to my practice.

Sophie n/a Sydney NSW

T hank you very much for an informative and energising workshop. Lots of great information and support.

Robyn Nixon Brisbane QLD

T he following is a short note of my appreciation to Prime: "I have been with Prime for over 10 years. Besides increasing my turnover and profit I have learned how to communicate with my patients, my staff and my family. Above all it is my personal development through the one on one coaching that I valve most." Once again thank you very much to you and the Prime team. It has been a privilege to be associated with Prime.

Dr Terry Yuen Glenside SA

A great course with many useful concepts to take back to practice. Very valuable to discuss things with other members of the group.

Dr Helen Powis Sydney NSW

I t was great to hear you speak yet again (my third time) and again I learned a few things, which we implemented immediately.

Dr Rachel Bouwman Sydney NSW

P rime has been my practice companion since I graduated 10 years ago. I'm excited for my team to have the same exposure.

Dr Sandy Iyer Brisbane QLD

A great day and learnt a lot of new things that I can use in my work place.

Melissa n/a Brisbane QLD

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