Over the years we've gathered a fair amount of testimonials and reviews. We're proud of each and every one of our clients, and will gladly share their feedback with you.

U seful skills for every staff member. Great course and still learning despite attending this course many times.

Dr Keith Hagponthus Sydney NSW

R eally enjoyed today's session. Some good points covered and made. Has been the most beneficial and enjoyable session I've attended so far.

Sarah Laing Sydney NSW

R eally good, enjoyed every minute. I can't wait to go back and implement these ideas into the practice!

Dr Lael n/a Sydney NSW

P rime Practice never ceases to provide additional ways to constantly improve the practice of dentistry.

Dr Mark Psillakis Sydney NSW

V ery well presented and informative. Fills in the management gap that is neglected as part of formal dentistry training.

Dr Vicki Drakopoulos Sydney NSW

A ll the concepts are always delivered clearly. We've applied a number of concepts and they really work!

Dr Courtney n/a Sydney NSW

G reat course some excellent tools to use back at work.

Anna Noble Newcastle NSW

A s always the Prime courses always add value, particularly the team courses. So much to learn so much more to implement. Thank you.

Dr Hatal Shah Newcastle NSW

A lways love Prime workshops - so motivating!

Carley n/a Sydney NSW

T hank you for a wonderful program. It was very comprehensive and gave me a lot of ideas on what to work on and to improve.

Dr Rebecca Wainwright Brisbane QLD

M y history with Prime Practice has shown me what they can do to help and support a dental practice to thrive and grow. Now some years after that is unchanged except there is so much more.

Dr David Zimmerman Brisbane QLD

T he course was a great experience with plenty of 'gold nuggets' to take away.

Dr Lok Tsang Brisbane QLD

A wesome 2 days, very fun, very interactive! I did not get bored at all. Food was also very yummy.

Jade Lewis Melbourne VIC

P rimespeak has helped me to start to think differently and act differently in order to provide the most suitable dental service for my patients.

Dr Jennifer Jiang Melbourne VIC

F ound it really useful, would highly recommend for anyone in private dental practice. Very engaging.

Dr Angie n/a Melbourne VIC

V ery enjoyable, excited to integrate Primespeak into my daily patient experience.

Dr Debbie Little Brisbane QLD

I ntroduced some great concepts with clarity that I am excited to start implementing!

Dr Jia Ying Hu Brisbane QLD

H ighly recommend Primespeak. Expected heavy sales and was surprised to find quite the opposite.

Dr David McKenzie Brisbane QLD

I came with a positive and curious mindset, and it has definitely had a greatly positive impact of my acceptance of the message of Primespeak.

Dr Michael Kozman Adelaide SA

P rimespeak has broadened my view of understanding the needs of patients. Also enhanced any knowledge about giving treatment options.

Dr Viral Jani Adelaide SA

G reat course, very well structured, clear information passed on in a fun environment.

Dr Patricia Vivaldi Adelaide SA

A great reminder of how well we do things in our practice - which is always lovely. So many reminders of skills we can improve.

Jewels Smith Christchurch NZS

H ugely informative, well put together, flowed well. Very practical course.

Kristine Clement Christchurch NZS

A nother fantastic Primespeak course. Reinforced what we're doing well and identified areas we can work on in both our new patient exam and with existing patients.

Dr Louisa Cullen Christchurch NZS

P rimespeak Seminar has really changed the way in how I would interact with patients. This will make patients feel more comfortable and put more trust in the dentist.

Dr Daniel Chan Christchurch NZN

E nlightening. Great toolkit for improving engagement. Very helpful. Thanks do much for your enthusiastic, passionate presentation.

Dr Nathan Lewis Christchurch NZN

F antastic! Looking forward to the next workshop.

Hayley King Perth WA

I thoroughly enjoyed the up beat vibe, practical information and good food.

Lesley n/a Perth WA

G reat day. Patric is a brilliant public speaker. Works very well with keeping the crowd motivated and involved. Also very impressed with Meg's knowledge. It will be a pleasure and great opportunity to further our training.

Shardai Smith Perth WA

G reat day, very interactive, very informative and fun !

Lynda Zaccoli Perth WA

I really loved the course. The presenters were great. They really engaged the group and answered our questions. By far the best course to set up for success at work. Thank you

Karli n/a Perth WA

G reat day, inspirational. Thank you

Wendy Aldham Perth WA

T his course was really educational and answered many of my questions. I now have new ideas to tackle a few issues. Thank you so much!

Lani Malan Perth WA

E xcellent structure and flow of material - good to retain information. Always good to hear Patrick speak!

Dr Ravi Gopal Perth WA

P rime Practice has been fantastic, a huge life/career changing experience.

Dr Scott Bentley Sydney NSW

P rime is great in working on key points to providing excellent dental care and the presenter made it very engaging!

Sophie n/a Melbourne VIC

L ove Prime. Brings the team together and I learnt a lot Thank you.

Sherri n/a Melbourne VIC

I always enjoy the Prime workshops and find them helpful and fun. Thanks

Sharon n/a Melbourne VIC

T hank you Lisa, well presented, easy to follow, great examples for a better understanding.

Jana n/a Auckland

E xcellent course. Lisa was great. Will take away a lot of valuable information which will definitely be a great help.

Joanne Olsen Auckland

E xcellent course!! Highly recommended. Excellent team building.

Dr Dana Papusoi Auckland

I absolutely enjoyed this course and wish/ hope the others are like this.

Belinda n/a Auckland

A fter I took Primespeak, I immediately started using several of the techniques they taught us and I feel like my patients have been a lot happier at our office and they are referring their family and friends here. They're also more willing to accept needed treatment.

Angela Ames Birmingham

I feel like our office over all took a lot of great useful information home to use with our patients

Heidi Jenkins Birmingham

T his was an excellent program, communication and understanding with patients will most definitely improve.

Shelby Bunge Birmingham

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