Team Masters Energiser

Focusing on identifying the behavioral strengths, weaknesses, key motivators, and cultural influences which effect our team members. Developing a greater understanding of the diverse and multicultural workplace and how you can build a dynamic, self-managed team.

This workshop will cover:

  • Team roles - understand and practice the roles of different team members in your practice. 
  • Working across generations- bridge generation gaps in your dental team.
  • Neuroscience- use Neuroscience to understand what motivates team members by using the SCARF model. 
  • Diversity- manage cultural diversity among team members and patients.
  • Life balance- live a more balanced life. Learn strategies for enhancing life quality.

Program only

Dentist, Team
2 days


This workshop hasn't been scheduled yet! You can still register interest by pressing the "Enquire" button above, and we'll let you know when dates become available!