Practice Owner's Workshop

Few people truly understand the challenges that dental practice owners face. 

Both from a business owner’s perspective and as a practitioner, the scope of training, knowledge, and skills required to run a successful dental practice would intimidate most. If stretching yourself to juggle all of these responsibilities is leaving you exhausted at the end of each week, it’s important that you acknowledge a simple truth:

There aren’t enough hours in the day for you to face it all alone. 

As a practice owner, you likely attended dental school to learn how to perform high-quality dentistry. And while you developed excellent clinical skills, that’s where the education stopped:  

  • You weren’t taught how to run a business
  • You weren’t taught how to lead a team
  • You weren’t taught how to communicate effectively with patients

The very skills you need to create a less stressful, team-managed practice that's highly profitable with or without you. We have termed this The Practice Owner's Conundrum.

If you feel like building your practice has become a grind, and you’re fed up of watching other practices flourish right in front of your eyes, you might be wondering "If there were a step-by-step roadmap for ?increasing practice production by 51% and personal income by 64% per annum while working fewer hours and experiencing less stress, would I make use of it?"

As leading dental industry experts with over 2 decades of experience helping practice owners build their dream practices, we can tell you this road map exists. There is a model. It has been proven effective. And has been replicated across hundreds of practices.


  • The 4 pillars of practice ownership mastery (clarity, processes, communication and leadership)
  • How to create a team-managed practice that’s highly profitable, with or without you! 
  • A step-by-step roadmap for increasing practice production by up to 51% and personal income by up to 64% per annum (while working fewer hours and experiencing less stress)
  • How your practice is performing against industry benchmarks (we give you access to insider’s data from thousands of practices – clinician production, expenses, and more)
  • Smash your income goals (know what good looks like and move towards your ideal production)
  • Learn the one patient metric you need to track to give you clarity over staffing needs (so you can accurately predict the number of dentists and hygienists to employ)
  • Add up to $500,000 in annual revenue to your bottom line (by tracking just one (1) single metric!)
  • Get clarity on your practice vision (and even if you have a clear vision, learn how to communicate it effectively with your team to help you fulfil it)
  • The secrets to optimising your appointment book (including a fool proof strategy for planning your appointments for maximum income and minimum stress)
  • Proven strategies to get patients coming back more often (we’ll show you some tools to ensure patients return regularly)
  • The 2 rules of ethical dental communication that will get more patients choosing optimal dentistry (which will guide you in communicating optimal treatment in a 100% ethical way)

Find out why thousands of dental practices turn to Prime Practice to support their success.  Download case studies.

You just have to read a few of our 2,000+ raving reviews to learn how dental practices around the world have been transformed:

"Practice Owner's Workshop is an eye opening course and I am convinced all dentists will benefit from it." Dr Richard Zhu, NZ
"Prime Practice gives the clinician systems and tools to build a successful, team-managed business." Dr Eduardo Miranda, NSW.
"Well, this course was quite an eye opener for me and made me think about my own role in the practice. I will be taking along a load of new ideas and hoping to implement them to steer my practice in a new improved direction." Dr Kanika Singh, NSW

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Role Cost*2 (AUD) Early bird*3
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CPD Accreditation

Australian clinicians are required to make their own assessment as to the number of hours of Non-Scientific Continuing Education each course provides. This course is eligible for NZDA CPD points.

Prime Practice guarantees courses are compliant with the current Dental Board of Australia Guidelines on Continuing Professional Development.

* Number of accredited CPD hours depends on the length of the workshop.


A revelation and hugely encouraging and exciting!

Dr Andrew Withers Toowoomba QLD

I found the two day workshop enjoyable. The interactive, open and approachable style of all presenters resulted in a generally friendly atmosphere between course participants too.

Dr Elizabeth Kerr Kariong NSW

T he course continues to exceed, inspire, and challenge me.

Dr Sham Jamal Southport QLD

I nitially up front and ongoing costs for this programme seemed very high and were a hurdle for me. I started the programme and within two months almost recouped the first years costs in individual production... To me the value of this programme is in many areas as well as causing increased income, stability and order as my practice grows.

Dr David Zimmerman Mooloolah QLD

I would like to thank Prime Practice for the advice and guidance you have given me in matters relating to my dental practice with the Prime Program Management Program. It really has changed my life. Prior to commencing the course I felt frustrated in knowing that plans for so many aspects of the practice needed to be implemented but I was too caught up in taking care of my patients to have time to take care of other matters. Participation in the course by my staff and myself gave us all a common direction to follow. I now feel that I have regained the control and direction that was previously lost and although work is still hectic, procedures have been put in place, which enable situations that arise in the practice to be handled appropriately. Clinically we find that we now do work that is pre-planned, productive, and of the quality expected. The financial evaluation and solutions, implementing cost savings, together with a correct fee structure, reached our objective of creating a very large net annual increase in profits. In summary, the stress is gone from my day to day practice life. I am far more secure financially and I feel I have control of my practice, my staff and consequently also my personal life. Thanks again for your help.

Dr Michael Franks Sydney NSW

I t has been said that people rise to their own level of incompetence. This was especially true for my practice. After setting up from scratch and working extremely hard for 4 years, I found my practice had reached a plateau. Personal and staff frustrations were quite high, and I was thoroughly tired of "trying" various approaches, not really knowing what was the best way to run a business. I was an accomplished clinician and a good communicator, but I knew I had glaring gaps in my business savvy. I undertook the Prime Practice Management Program, and the change in my practice and my life has been spectacular. Over the two-year program, my practice takings are up 120%, I have been able to close all branch practices, and my take home is up 210%. My staff are energised, and feel privileged to be working in our practice. Most importantly, all strategies we have employed have been tested already, and found to work. This takes the stress and mystery out of growing our practice. I am looking at the world through different eyes, and see potential and growth at every turn. As a specialist practice, we are committed to the development of our colleagues, and I am spreading the word. During the course of the program, if anything, I think my clinical work has improved, and patient acceptance of recommendations is up. The thing I liked most was that all techniques can be firmly grounded on your personal practice philosophies and integrity. I give my most glowing endorsement to the Prime Practice group, and wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend their services.

Dr Brian E. James Kirwan QLD
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Principal Dentist
1½ days
CPD hours
Up to 10 hours


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