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Get an objective analysis of the level of infection prevention measures in your practice. A Clinical Assessment is important to ensure your practice, your patients and your staff are protected from infection. Our experienced infection prevention team will guide you through the assessment process while evaluating your practice for compliance – in line with all the latest standards and industry guidelines for infection prevention and sterilisation that can impact your practice. We will also give you recommendations for any required change or implementation of policies that are applicable to AS/ANZ 4815:2006 along with other relevant local guidelines.


Our assessments are undertaken in a completely non-threatening way and remain confidential between the Prime Practice Infection Prevention & Control team and your practice.

A member of our Infection Prevention & Control team with talk you through some assessment prework including a questionnaire and images of your practice required for the assessment.

Once the prework is completed, your consultant will arrange an Assessment Interview with you to talk through other aspects of the assessment and gather further information.

The final step in the Clinical Assessment is a Virtual Walkaround of your practice to evaluate your workflows.

Shortly after the completion of your Virtual Clinical Assessment, you will receive a comprehensive report which will give you your overall level of compliance along with individual scores for each element of the infection prevention process. This is formatted so that you can easily identify clear ‘compliant /non-compliant’ responses.

Along with the Clinical Assessment Report, you will receive a list of corrective actions and an accompanying Action Plan that includes suggested corrective actions so you can plan your activities and check them off once completed.

We always include a debrief phone or video call to talk the report through with your chosen infection prevention champion.


You may feel confident that your infection prevention and control procedures are top notch. But how do you know? Sometimes we can’t see what is right in front of us if we are in an environment day in, day out.

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