Is there a recording available for the training I registered for

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A recording is available for 5 days for the following:
Infection Prevention Part 1: Compliance
Infection Prevention Part 2: Standard Precautions
Infection Prevention Part 3: Sterilisation
BPPS: Best Practice Phone Skills Part 1
BPPS: Best Practice Phone Skills Part 2
Recall Systems
Maximising a Hygiene / OHT Department
HR SYSTEMS: Recruitment
HR SYSTEMS: Induction and Onboarding
HR SYSTEMS: Reviews and Performance
Huddles and Team Meetings
Cancellations and Late Patients
Handling Emergencies
Appointment Book Scheduling
A recording is available for 2 days for the following:
Effective Leadership Communication
How to Create a Positive Team Culture
Strategies to Improve the Patient Experience
Leader as Coach
Leading for Results
Become a More Resilient Leader
There is no recording available for:
Mastering Practice Ownership
Virtual Primespeak

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