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I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and learnt the soft skills and techniques.

Dr Shirley Lau Singapore

H ad a great time. Learnt some good tools.

Dr Prashanna Chandrakumaran Singapore

P rimespeak helps me understand my blindspots and weakness. Improves my skills as a conversationalist as well.

Dr Stephanie Yap Singapore

I t's always good attending Prime workshops where you get to meet other people from the same industry and also energize yourself to continue working to the high standard. Thank you Prime team!

Dr Mahkam Ghanbari Brisbane QLD

V ery happy with the quality of the program. The content and the way it was implemented made the learning easy and interesting.

Michele Sianos Melbourne VIC

I really enjoyed the class. I found useful tips and things I can implement in the clinic.

Renata Cop Melbourne VIC

H aving done the online phone skills twice I found this reinforces concepts that have been introduced and also good to hear the experiences of others along with the trainers thoughts as to what has worked well for others in the past.

Kerry-Anne Williams Melbourne VIC

T hank you so much it was really exciting and informative.

Trish Aumann Melbourne VIC

P rime Practice solidified the importance of exceptional levels of customer service that leads to better patient care.

Tan Nguyen Melbourne VIC

D efinitely interested in more courses, following the positive experience of my first Prime Practice course. This was exceptionally run and the instructor was very professional and knowledgeable.

Laura King Melbourne VIC

M ission accomplished! The trainer was excellent, addressed and explained real issues. My FOC really got a lot from today. Special for me and so important to empower staff skills.

Leslea Eilenberg Auckland NZN

T hank you for a very informative day. Lot's of new tips to add into my practice.

Zanisha Bissessor Auckland NZN

D ear Prime Practice..... It is no exaggeration to say that Primespeak is the most profound and influential course I have ever done. Fantastic presenters Fantastic material I have been doing Primespeak in a maybe mid – level type way since my first course 7 years ago....... Its not about the big cases or the money. Its not really even about filling the appointment book etc.... I think at the very heart, Primespeak delivers deep personal satisfaction. Its in the patient’s eyes when they are so very grateful. Its the nurse’s expression of amazement, when patients repeatedly book for treatment. Primespeak undoes the damage caused to dentists by years of study. Primespeak showed me that dentistry is not about teeth, its about people. Yours Sincerely, Dr Damien Jones

Dr Damien Jones Melbourne VIC

G reat course - well presented - interactive sessions particularly useful.

Dr Quor Ten Teh Melbourne VIC

7 years ago Primespeak made a huge impact to my dental career. The second time around I found it just as stimulating and exciting.

Dr Damien Jones Melbourne VIC

I have been challenged to adopt a new paradigm of communication that will empower patients to feel a freedom of choice to seek care from me attuned to their values and circumstances.

Dr Peter Henderson Melbourne VIC

P rime has allowed me to focus on my communication skills and building a rapport with my patients. The trainers were knowledgeable and used humor appropriately. Highly recommend!

Dr Paras Mackenzie Melbourne VIC

V ery enjoyable and insightful course content. Gives a good overall perspective to me on how much preparation and guidance the dentists follow on a day to day basis, and the support I can offer.

Cathy Medard Melbourne VIC

L ove the positive attitude and how we can somehow change and train optimistic attitude. Awesome tools.

Sonia Tsoumeas Melbourne VIC

T hanks for a great day. It was informative and fun and moved along nicely.

Bec Falcone Melbourne VIC

I did Prime for the first time 4 years ago and it has changed the way I practice. I find the techniques very useful and applicable. Thanks for changing my life!

Dr LL Cheah Auckland NZN

F antastic energy and enthusiasm from the trainer. He explained the concepts well and was gracious with questions to enable best learning.

Dr Karen Douss Auckland NZN

T he trainer was so enthusiastic and positive in teaching. I was new to Primespeak principles and am now so encouraged to master it for the benefit of my patients, staff and practice. Thank you so much!

Dr Alinda Coetzee Auckland NZN

P rimespeak has given me confidence to present optimum treatment options to my patients without coming across as 'salesy'. Would recommend it to any dentist or practice.

Dr Fleur Woolford Auckland NZN

T oday was amazing our prime speaker was fantastic. I loved the toys and roll playing activities.

Jayde-Anne n/a Melbourne VIC

I learned new things and can't wait to implement them in our practice.

Abigail Calita Melbourne VIC

E njoyed how this workshop brought the whole clinic together as a team and was very positive.

Caitlin De Giorgio Melbourne VIC

A nother fantastic learning experience. Always informative and relevant.

Loraine Lorimer Melbourne VIC

T hank you for a lovely and informative day. Can't wait to implement!

Karin Minney Melbourne VIC

B rilliant course, thanks you. Very informative, a lot to reflect about and take back to East Keilor Dental.

Susan French Melbourne VIC

A fantastic program that was extremely informative with plenty of great theories to take home.

Gabrielle Villani Melbourne VIC

L ove the Prime Practice staff. Always so friendly and welcoming. Explains the concepts really well. Always such a positive experience when I attend the Prime Practice courses.

Samantha Hunt Sydney NSW

M y life support for my business, team and me!

Dr Joanne Davies Sydney NSW

A s always there is always something useful in 'whole of life' that I can take from today as well as use for work.

Philippa Gordan Sydney NSW

G reat day of constructive participation with fellow professionals. The practice will again benefit from the day and move forward to help give our patients an exceptional experience.

Dr Phil Moss Sydney NSW

V ery impressed and will be using techniques learned with Prime Practice.

Susan Taylor Sydney NSW

I thoroughly enjoyed the Infection Prevention and Sterilisation workshop. The workshop was very informative and Megan has a fantastic presentation style that ensured the workshop was interactive and a comfortable environment to ask questions. I found it very useful being able to relate infection Prevention to NZDC practice standards. I would highly recommend this workshop to my colleagues it’s not just for dental assistants.

Dianne Watson Wellington NZN

T hank you so much for coming to Geelong for the Masters Onsite Training. It was perfect timing and the content was very relevant. We had lots of very positive feedback from staff and clinicians on our trainer. He was really amazing and did a great job keeping this large group of people focused. He even facilitated a topic at the end of the day at very short notice that we had to discuss as a practice, which everyone really appreciated. Thanks again for the great work. It was a privilege to have you in Geelong. Till next time.

Fran Cohen Geelong NSW

V ery beneficial day - lots to take away and implement.

Mike Cater Auckland NZN

M aya and Megan both are fantastic & experienced coaches. They are well prepared and delivered the messages well. Thoroughly enjoyed today's course. Never stopped learning with Prime. Thank you for keeping my practice on track so that Chris and I can have more time to ourselves!

Dr Sally Bing Auckland NZN

F antastic course; I loved how everyone was so involved.

Alana Costley Auckland NZN

T hank you Maya and Meg I feel so empowered and can't wait to go back to my practice and implement what I have learnt!

Dr Assill Russell Auckland NZN

L ove these training sessions. Highly recommended to everyone in our profession. I really feel lucky that my boss has organized that for me. :) Thanks team Prime Practice.

Ravinder Kaur Sydney NSW

I found the trainers to be very engaging and I really enjoyed participating in the course. I'm looking forward to practicing the methods I've learnt in this course.

Tara Canton Sydney NSW

V ery comprehensive course. Lots of things to learn. Love the position statement!

Dr Shaveta Bhayani Sydney NSW

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