Over the years we've gathered a fair amount of testimonials and reviews. We're proud of each and every one of our clients, and will gladly share their feedback with you.

P rime Practice never ceases to provide additional ways to constantly improve the practice of dentistry.

Dr Mark Psillakis Sydney NSW

V ery well presented and informative. Fills in the management gap that is neglected as part of formal dentistry training.

Dr Vicki Drakopoulos Sydney NSW

A ll the concepts are always delivered clearly. We've applied a number of concepts and they really work!

Dr Courtney n/a Sydney NSW

T hank you for a wonderful program. It was very comprehensive and gave me a lot of ideas on what to work on and to improve.

Dr Rebecca Wainwright Brisbane QLD

M y history with Prime Practice has shown me what they can do to help and support a dental practice to thrive and grow. Now some years after that is unchanged except there is so much more.

Dr David Zimmerman Brisbane QLD

T he course was a great experience with plenty of 'gold nuggets' to take away.

Dr Lok Tsang Brisbane QLD

E xcellent for all practices, new to the game, or experienced.

Dr Shen n/a Sydney NSW

A thoroughly enlightening experience. Has changed my perception of practice ownership and how much we need to do.

Dr Milena Bulgaranova Sydney NSW

A s usual, Prime challenges your way of practicing, thinking and leading - for the better!

Dr Anita Mosman Smiles Sydney NSW

T he Prime course was comprehensive and useful. I would highly recommend it to others.

Dr Ben Lowler Adelaide SA

V ery happy with ideas learnt - can't wait to implement them into the practice.

Susan Chow Adelaide SA

I loved this workshop and am looking forward to the Management Program.

Dr Georgia Sheahan Brisbane QLD

G ave me practical solutions to bring back to my practice and implement immediately.

Dr Martin Leung Brisbane QLD

F antastically presented course which was eye opening allowing me to leave with ideas ready for immediate implementation.

Dr Ampo Taufik Melbourne VIC

G reat for identifying blind spots! You don't know what you miss in your business if you aren't looking for it.

Dr anon anon Melbourne VIC

G reat course. Packed with information. Must for all dentists who want to become good leaders.

Dr Warren Antonoff Melbourne VIC

V ery informative, inspiring course. Would recommend it to anyone wanting to be a team leader.

Dr Russell McDonald Melbourne VIC

T he Practice Owner's Workshop gave me a good basis to start thinking about how to improve my practice and get a better idea of how to track numbers and get a good handle of things on the business side.

Dr Faye Goodyear Brisbane QLD

I would recommend this course to any new practice owner.

Dr Steven Htay Ballina NSW

A very well presented introduction to Prime Practice and their philosophies.

Dr Brendan Makhecha Manunda QLD

E xcellent, concise explanation of key inputs in becoming a more engaging and successful dental practice.

Dr Sid Gupta Brisbane QLD

T he Practice Owner's Workshop is very helpful for new practice owners. I am glad we are getting this information early on.

Denise Randall Ballina NSW

G reat, informative, insightful course. Made me think about our current systems.

Jo Wakefield Brisbane QLD

T hank you Prime, for another valuable and challenging seminar. Cannot wait to implement what I have learnt in the two days.

Dr Vivian Leung Melbourne VIC

T he fact that Prime Practice was started by a practicing dentist makes it very relevant to real day to day practice.

Dr Zainab Hamudi Melbourne VIC

P rime just makes great sense!

Dr Fatemeh Heidarygorji Sydney NSW

P ractice Owner's Workshop is an eye opening course and I am convinced all dentists will benefit from it.

Dr Richard Zhu Hamilton NZN

T his course is not about turning health care into 'business' but maximising your potential as a dental professional to benefit your patients.

Dr Ines Despot Sydney NSW

P rime Practice gives the clinician systems and tools to build a successful, team-managed business.

Dr Eduarda Miranda Bangalow NSW

G reat course for practice owner's with good tools presented.

Dr Peter Fuller Brisbane QLD

T his was a great crash course and introduction to Prime. There was definitely a lot of take away points to take to a real life practice.

Dr Shelton Jeyaratham Perth WA

C lear understanding of what needs to be changed and how to improve your personal attitude towards the business side of dentistry.

Dr Felix Rousson Brisbane QLD

I would highly recommend. I intend to carry on with the program but am impressed with how it could be presented as a stand alone course also.

Dr Holly Christmas Queenstown

S ince we have started with Prime in 2006, we have steadily increased our turnover. After the Christchurch earthquake, it was essential for us to get our practice back on track.

Dr Richard Beale Christchurch NZS

E ssential in your practicing career.

Dr Andrew Findlay Wellington

L earn useful tools to assist in building and managing a successful, low stress, modern dental practice with a winning dental team!

Dr Fernando Afonso WA

W ell, this course was quite an eye opener for me and made me think about my own role in the practice. I will be taking along a load of new ideas and hoping to implement them to steer my practice in a new improved direction.

Dr Kanika Singh NSW

T hank you for making those 2 days enjoyable, and making us feel so supported.

Dr Katarina Duval Sherwood QLD

P ractice Owner's Workshop gave clarity and taught us how we can do things better so that we can enhance productivity and team harmony while reducing stress.

Dr Andrew Teakle Closeburn QLD

W onderful Seminar, an eye opener for me.

Dr Sonia Sonia Kallangur QLD

I especially enjoyed the enthusiasm and professionalism of the presenters and coaches. I look forward to future courses. Thank you.

Dr Gwen Flanagan NSW

T hank you all very much. The course was very helpful and I got a lot from it. I think it’s a MUST course for every dental practice.

Dr Eyal Twig VIC

A n impressively coordinated package delivered by excellent communicators. They genuinely understand the nature of the dental practice and how to begin the process of change management.

Earle Baker NSW

G ives you little steps to guide you to your dream practice.

Dr Mahkam Ghanbari QLD

S pecific, immediately actionable concepts and tools which will make long lasting impact on our practice.

Ali Wilson Oaklands Park SA

Prime Facts

Without wanting to toot our own horn, we’ve had some pretty big successes over the years - but don’t take our word for it!