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What do your patients remember from their appointment?

Ever have this experience? You thought the appointment went really well; the patient was listening, they were smiling, they were nodding, they accepted treatment. You thought they went to the front desk and made an appointment, only to find out later that they didn’t. Or worse still, they made the appointment, but failed to attend. […]

Four obstacles that most dentists find challenging to handle

Edited and updated on October 15, 2020. When dentists offer treatment options, they do so with the patient’s optimum oral health in mind. It seems logical that a person should choose the best option as determined by their health professional. Even though there is a cost differential, it should make sense if it is the […]

Breaking down the new patient exam

Most patients aren’t really concerned about their missing tooth. It’s long gone and there’s no pain. But as dentists, we know that it’s effects are causing more problems. So, we recommend a bridge or an implant. When we tell our patient “I recommend an implant” what is their typical response? “How much is that going […]

Avoiding Polite Evasion

The ProblemHere’s what most skilled dentists do: They bond well with the patient and develop rapport. They spend a lot of time in the exam explaining the treatment that they recommend. They get the patient back for an extra consultation and have prepared a an optimal treatment plan. The net result: if the patient is […]

New Patient Examination: Are you going to BED on your first date?

These days, most dentists and practices are keen to explore ways to get new patients through the front door. It’s now commonplace to spend big dollars on advertising and marketing your services, boosting SEO, running special offers on various platforms, or working out ways to encourage existing patients to refer their family and friends. And […]

Why Patients Say the Dreaded Four Words: “I’ll think about it”

Edited and updated on October 15, 2020. Depending on the type of practice you run, you probably see about 15 patients every day. That’s 15 conversations about next steps and potential treatment options; which means 15 opportunities for you (or your front desk coordinator) to hear those four words: “I’ll think about it”. At first, […]

Why do people always say I hate going to the dentist?

One of the biggest challenges of being a dentist is that you’ll often hear the phrase “I hate going to the dentist.” – Ouch! No matter how thick-skinned you might be, this is a confronting statement to hear over and over again, day in and day out. It’s also a strange thing to say openly to […]

The top 10 Mistakes that dentists make unknowingly

In the past 10 years, I have worked with thousands of dentists across the globe on their practice success. In that time, I have seen many patterns emerge, especially in the way dentists think and behave that damages their success. Here are the top 10 mistakes I’ve seen dentists unknowingly make… 1. Not valuing communication skills […]

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