COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to current restrictions and the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be running any public face-to-face workshops until further notice. This is in the best interest of everyone’s health and safety. In the interim, we are only running our Virtual Primespeak sessions.

Get your patients to ask you for the treatment you know they need.

In an ideal world, your patients will ask you for the correct treatment – the treatment that best fits their problem, instead of opting for the cheapest solution available. In this world, both patient and dentist are left happy and satisfied with a job well done. 

Primespeak will help you achieve this goal, removing the stress of selling treatments from your life as a professional. 

Thousands of dentists worldwide have adopted the Primespeak approach and have seen increases in their case acceptance rates. 

How will Primespeak help you and your dental practice?

Increased Case Acceptance

Increased Production & Practice Revenue

Increased Patient Retention  & Referrals

Enhanced Patient & Dentist Experience

The secret to increasing your case acceptance is in your relationship with your patients.

The philosophy behind Primespeak is grounded in the practice of effective patient communication with the aim of building trust and establishing a strong rapport. 

This will allow you to remove the pressure of selling dentistry and present optimum treatment options ethically – thereby guiding your patients to make a well-informed decision and choosing the treatment you know they need. 

The end result – your patient gets the best possible care and revere you as their oral health care provider for life. 

Created by dentists for dentists, Primespeak is a proven communication approach that aligns the entire dental team towards providing a unique experience for your patients.

Shifting the dynamics between patients and dentists.

The Patient

  • Takes ownership of their oral health.
  • Has a deepened awareness and concern about the consequences of the existing conditions. 
  • Feels in control of the decision-making process.
  • Seeks optimal solutions from the clinician. 
  • Makes clear and informed decisions on the best next steps. 
  • Trusts you as their oral health provider. 

The Dentist

  • Feels more confident in dealing with complex patient interactions.
  • Guides and influences their patients towards optimum dentistry
  • Communicates in a meaningful and relatable manner that doesn’t rely on rehearsed scripts.
  • Experiences less stress when presenting treatment options.
  • Leverages their entire team to better serve the patient through a strategic communication approach. 
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