If any of these sound familiar, you are not alone.

Prime Practice has years of experience working with Practice Managers to maximize their impact on the business and helping develop their true potential as leaders.

We’ve listened to you.

Introducing the Practice Managers Network.   

With Prime Practice Practice Managers Network and Practice Managers Network Premium. 

We’ve got your back.


practice managers network


The Practice Managers Network is focussed on connecting, upskilling and empowering Dental Practice Managers. The network is your path to becoming an even more successful professional.

Whether you are new to the practice manager role or with years of experience. Whether you are a Front office coordinator or Dental Assistance looking to learn more about practice management. This is for you.

  • Be part of a network you can rely on,  grow professionally, stay up to date and have access to all the latest news in one place.
  • Supporting the Practice Owner with an empowered Practice Manager who helps drive the business.
  • Access to first class practical content and resources to improve the day to day operations of the Practice.
  • Learn on demand about Management, Leadership, the business of dentistry, HR, Marketing and IPC.



Practice Managers Network Premium is the network & training ground for Dental Practice Management professionals. Become a Prime Practice Certified Practice Manager & take your career to the next level.

Whether you are new to the practice manager role or with years of experience. Whether you are a Front office coordinator or Dental Assistance looking to learn more about practice management. If you want to lead, Practice Managers Network Premium is for you.

All the benefits of the Practice Managers Network, plus take your Practice Manager career to the next level of professionalism.

Become a Prime Practice Certified Manager with specialist training in Leadership, Human Resources, Marketing and Infection Prevention and Control.

  • Improve practice culture, build better teams and decrease recruitment churn
  • Mitigate practice risk by mastering compliance in Infection Control and HR
  • Increase revenue per Active Patient & drive New Patient numbers
  • Decrease key dependency ,empower leadership

You’re in good company

Regardless of where you are at in your practice management profession, our Practice Managers Network program has you covered.

Prime Practice have been working closely with us for the last 12 months. One of our team goals and part of our culture is to serve our community in the best way possible. Prime Practice have given us the tool belt required for this. Personally, for me as a Practice Manager I have had the opportunity to learn skills to effectively communicate and lead our team. My leadership qualities have grown enormously under the high skill and knowledge of my coaches, which in hand has helped the whole team strive towards our common goal. I believe in people becoming the best version of themselves and I know that Prime Practice has equipped me as a leader which in hand helps me be the best version of me. Thank you for all your knowledge and wisdom.

I have been a part of Prime Practice since 2007 and they have taught me skills that have helped me create a positive team culture through effective leadership communication and how to successfully manage a busy practice that is thriving both financially and harmoniously. When it comes to leadership skills and training, Prime Practice have amazing insights and tools to help everyone become a better leader. The staff are so passionate about what they do and they inject that pride and passion into their training!

So, what exactly do I get?

Our Practice Managers Network is built on three core pillars:

Network, Learn, Lead

Learn from experts. Anywhere, anytime. Webinars, videos and podcasts.

Access to Inspirational Speakers

Power to the Practice Manager, the podcast. Created for dental practice managers who want to be inspired. Conversations with Business leaders through to Sporting heroes sharing their unique insights.

Tips & Tricks for Success

The one stop shop for the latest news and practice management resources. Access to Blogs, Articles and Vlogs. You’ll find a treasure trove of tips and tricks for success.

Live Practice Manager Exclusive Webinars

Interactive online Webinars with trending topics covering  Leadership, The business of dentistry, HR, IPC ,Marketing & more.

Marketing Courses*

Upskill on marketing and position your practice as the industry avant-garde in digital marketing.  Learn on demand modules in Social Media, SEO, Google  my business & Analytics and much more…

HR & Infection Prevention & Control Live Online Training*

Mitigate risk and ensure your practice is 100% compliant with live interactive training in HR & Infection prevention & control. Learn from Subject matter experts in a virtual classroom.

Leadership Program*

Lead your dream Practice.  Help create an environment where every team member performs to their potential, gets inspired, drives change and delivers results. This Leadership Program will give you the tools to deal with the current challenges impacting each level of leadership.

Join an exclusive Practice Manager Network. Exchange ideas and information. Get advice and support.

Peer to Peer Insight

Be part of a fun and professional community chat where you can ask for advice, exchange questions, give feedback and share ideas .

Connecting & Supporting Practice Managers

Access to the latest Dental Industry news. Q&A Support and discussion.

Download 1st class resources & templates to help you and your practice.

All-rounded Resoures

Access to templates and toolkits that will help you to run a high- performance practice. Download all the content tailored to support you and your team towards practice success.

We've done it for you

Sales Pitch

Only a bit of twist is needed.

Customisable Checklist

Sales pitch

You can adjust the templates to fit into your practice!

Job Description - Standard*

A Job Description with clarity ensures expectations and understanding of the job role are clear at the outset.

*Disclaimer: Service is only available for Practice Managers Network Premium subscribers.

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An exclusive Practice Managers Network membership is as little as $9.99 a month!

Practice Managers Network

✔️ Downloadable Templates

✔️ Tips & Tricks for Success

✔️ Live Q&A Webinars

✔️ Podcast

✔️ On-demand Videos

✔️ Articles & Blogs

✔️ Network Support

✔️ 10% Prime Practice Discount

Virtual Leadership Training:

Live Online Training:

Marketing Courses:

Job Description – Standard :

Practice Manager Recognition:

AU$9.99/ month*

AU$119.88/ year

Join Practice Managers Network Today

practice managers network premium

✔️ Downloadable Templates

✔️ Tips & Tricks for Success

✔️ Live Q&A Webinars

✔️ Podcast

✔️ On-demand Videos

✔️ Articles & Blogs

✔️ Network Support

✔️ 20% Prime Practice Discount

✔️Leadership Program

✔️ HR & Infection Prevention Live Online Training

✔️ Marketing Courses

✔️2 x Job Description – Standard

✔️ Practice Manager Recognition

AU$249/ month*

AU$2988/ year

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*Disclaimer: Minimum 12 months commitment