Growing your patient base and satisfying their ever increasing expectations is getting harder. Many patients are now comfortable calling around to request treatment prices. Many are fickle and need a reason to commit to an appointment.  Additionally, marketing is all around and patients are reviewing their experience from the first interaction with your practice.  Recognizing that marketing begins from this first interaction and will lead to an appointment requires patient feedback to inform you of their experience. Our PSP ensures that you receive a clear objective understanding of this experience from an independent and experienced source. Our reports will provide comprehensive feedback as well as practical actionable items to help train your team to further enhance the patients experience.

Our Programs

We have a 6-month Intensive Program made up of 14 mystery shopper calls with a detailed report after each call. Plus, a coaching session to help provide advice to improve your results.

Alternatively, our 12-month Maintenance Program consists of 1 call per month with reports after each call to ensure that your standards and level of service are being maintained.

These Programs are designed for your practice.

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Choose a Program that best suits your practice’s needs.

6-month program


  • 14 mystery shopper calls
  • A detailed report after each call
  • 1 coaching session

12-month program


  • 1 call per month
  • Reports after each call