Master Classes

Refine your skills

Mastered Primespeak? Good. Now you're ready to take your skills to the next level! During our Master classes, you'll sharpen your clinical diagnostic treatment planning and broaden your range of communication techniques.

Real clinical cases

Each Master Class covers a real case and contains unique teachings as a part of your ongoing communication training. Various clinical and human factors will be dealt with in each workshop.

Learn something new with every Master Class you visit!

CPD Accreditation

Australian clinicians are required to make their own assessment as to the number of hours of Non-Scientific Continuing Education each course provides. This course is eligible for NZDA CPD points.

Prime Practice guarantees courses are compliant with the current Dental Board of Australia Guidelines on Continuing Professional Development.

* Number of accredited CPD hours depends on the length of the workshop.

Ongoing Education
For Primespeak masters

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T horoughly enjoyable course. Really helps to not only refresh Primespeak content, but also build further learning and improve my ability to discuss more complex cases.

Dr Michelle Pitt Brisbane QLD

T hank you Prime, and THANK YOU Michael! You are the Master! What a pleasure to attend this course with you.

Dr Ali Essfahani Fremantle WA

T he concepts in Primespeak will no doubt help you to develop your ideal dental practice. The team is fantastic and the concepts they teach are game changing. Every day can be a great day!

Dr Thomas McLean VIC

T his course allows a dentist to take Primespeak to a much higher level. The course will help dentists implement the appropriate concepts at the best time in the new patient examination to achieve the best outcomes. I can see how invaluable an adjustment this is to the Primespeak course.

Dr Daniel Chin Adelaide SA

P rimespeak Master Class helps me to zone into the final details of Primespeak communication. Justifying it is an art which requires continual learning/practicing/refresher.

Dr Michael Le Adelaide SA

D r Michael Sernik is very enlightening when it comes to Primespeak, a very easy to understand, pragmatic communication skill that we can use straight away with patients in our practice.

Dr Renu Karn Adelaide SA

I would definitely recommend this course as it opened a whole new perspective of how to engage with patients positively both for the benefit of the patient and for the practice.

Dr Welyn Gordo Adelaide SA

D oing the Prime Speak Master Class opens up new opportunities that basic Primespeak hasn't covered. Primespeak is a good foundation and the Master Class enhances the skill and goes deeper and wider into the patients' world. As a result, I now have the confidence to diagnose optimal treatments.

Dr Deborah Setiawan Adelaide SA

I ncorporating Primespeak in daily practice to improve patient communications must be the most valuable investment a dentist can make.

Dr David Argent Sydney NSW

I t has potential to turn thoughts around and make life of a Dentist less stressful if we use it and use it well.

Dr Sonia Sonia Brisbane QLD

T his course really assists in simplifying the process of dealing with complete cases. A great refresher for Primespeak with a focus on practicing and enhancing diagnostic and communication skills.

Dr Andrew Paddison Brisbane QLD

P rime Practice has changed the way we practice. It has made everything unbelievably simple and easy to manage. Primespeak has given a different dimension to dentistry altogether. It should be taught in Dental school.

Dr Kannu Ramkanwar Brisbane QLD

I t truly gives you an edge over others not familiar with the Prime philosophy.

Dr Kushagra Ohri Brisbane QLD

P rimespeak was career-changing. Primespeak Master Class has crystallized that information further and taught me subtle techniques to be my most effective at communicating.

Dr Andrew Teakle Brisbane QLD

H elps elevate your skills as an effective communicator and makes your exams more effective.

Dr Hamid Al-Hassiny Wellington

E xcellent and intense course which will open your eyes like never before and have you gasping for more.

Dr Ashish Gulati Wellington

P rimespeak from the inventor of Primespeak - it doesn't get better than that!

Dr Nitish Surathu Gisborne

I f you do not do this course you are missing out on one of the greatest gifts (skill sets) ever given to our profession.

Dr Alex McIntosh Auckland

I 've done Primespeak three times and this was a great way to review, cement and evolve my Primespeak skills in a practical way.

Dr Ben Harris

E xcellent revision and great for verifying skills. The course was very insightful and I learnt a lot.

Dr Alex Lee

D o this course! It will help you understand what your patients perceive when you speak German, I mean dental.

Dr Geoff Wan Sydney NSW

P rimespeak is an ongoing, rewarding journey where the reward is the learning.

Dr Errol Kilov Launceston TAS

S uper valuable for any clinician who wants to be doing the work they like doing.

Dr Haddon Suttner Sydney NSW

I spoke with one of the other attendees at the airport when both our flights were delayed and he too was so enamored with the course, he really feels that he is finally able to communicate with his patients and sell the high level dentistry he learned at LVI. I think that without this course he mightn't have continued to offer full mouth care.

Dr Amy Norman Washington State

W e loved the brief review of prior concepts and then launching right into an actual case with role playing. I am committed to this idea of non-confrontational, no-pressure communication and never having rejection. It is an essential part of selling the dentistry at the level to which we've been trained.

Dr Amy Norman Washington State

G lad to be back! Someone should have kicked me for leaving!

Dr Michael Lucas Adelaide SA

A great opportunity to oractice and refine the skills I use and live or die by everyday with my new patients and active maintenance patients.

Dr Chris Darby Melbourne VIC

I rrespective of how many Primespeak classes I attend, I invariably learn and expand my skill set at each and every Primespeak class.

Dr Errol Kilov Invermay TAS

F antastic course! Definitely changes the way I practice.

Dr Michael Seng Point Cook VIC

I 've been doing Prime for less than a year and it's already changed my working life dramatically for the better. Thanks to all especially my coach!

Dr Georgia Sheaham Brisbane QLD

T he class helped to reinforce what knowledge I'd acquired from the Primespeak Seminar and encouraged me to keep digging further and realize my journey of professional improvement.

Dr Lauren Bolta Brisbane QLD

G ood outline and covered the material well. Helped us to see what we can start to implement tomorrow.

Dr Faris Kirmani Auckland NZN

I am so grateful that I have been given this opportunity to attend such a wonderful seminar. The trainers have assisted us in every way possible. They have given us invaluable information that we needed for our practice as well as made us realise what we have been unconsciously doing right or wrong. Definitely, I have learned so much from this great experience and would recommend to everyone who wanted to improve their practice.

Dr Valerie Baluyut Melbourne VIC