Are you worried about any of these?


Making a mistake


Not knowing what to do


Satisfying patients expectations


Having to see lots of patients all of a sudden


Seeing emergencies


Finding a good practice

The floor is open. We have been there before and are here to help so don’t miss this fascinating and down earth discussion that will have you breathing a sigh of relief.


Dr Jamie Workman

Dr Jamie Workman graduated from Cardiff University in 2004, and has been practicing as an associate dentist in Sydney Australia for the last 14 years. He has had a broad range of experience across many practices in both countries. One consistent aspect has always been his desire and drive to understand all aspects of inter-personal communication and the systems that lead to success. A trained NLP Practitioner, he is passionate about learning and sharing these techniques. He was also an SEO consultant for a number of years, successfully marketing practices in which he was working and founding the education site: in 2013 to help the public understand dentistry. After two years as a trainer for AADFA, his clinical focus now lies combining minimally invasive aesthetic dentistry and facial aesthetics.

Dr Cathleen Dong

Dr Cathleen Dong graduated from Charles Sturt University with a Bachelor of Dental Science in 2016. During university, she was actively involved in dental student committees on both a local and national level. Cathleen is currently a member of the ADA NSW Council and Chair of the Recent Graduates Committee. She was also previously a member of the Education and Research Committee. She is passionate about creating resources to assist recent graduates in their professional development. Having started her career in the public sector, Cathleen currently works in private practices on the Central Coast and in Sydney. 

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“Thank you for the assistance you have given so far – I feel I’ve learned a lot from your wealth of knowledge on this subject, and have enjoyed working with you. “

Liz Eyles / Lumino

“Thank you for your informative lecture – so much information in such a short space of time!”

Dr Carole McLean / ADA presentation, Sydney

“Thank you so much for everything, we are still talking about your visit and everything you taught us. We have our first patient who would like to have tooth bleaching.”

Carolin / Dentist on Kelvin, Invercargill

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