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Induction of Infection Prevention and Control: Back to Basics

Let us train your new staff on introduction to Infection Prevention and Control, back to basics. This interactive online workshop is where your staff will learn the importance on the how and the why for hand hygiene, standard precautions, transmission-based precautions, PPE, aerosol management, waterline management, cough etiquette & respiratory hygiene, surface management, instrument management, instrument re-processing, testing and monitoring & record keeping.

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In-practice Training for a few new staff members

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Live Online Training for 1 new team member

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Virtual Practice Training for a small group of new team members


The facts about Infection Prevention & Control


Meet the team

Our Infection Prevention & Control team have extensive experience in dental clinical workflows and the challenges practices face to achieve compliant policies, procedures and most importantly, behaviours. We believe the sterilisation room in your practice is its heart – if it doesn’t work, neither do you.

We want everyone to Get Safe. Be Safe. Stay Safe.

Megan Sharpe
General Manager, Practice Solutions

With a clinical background and a passion for dentistry, specifically Infection Control, Meg ensures all members of the team are clear about their roles, responsibilities and accountability for the management of the infectious cycle and the reprocessing of instrumentation and equipment.

In recognition of her incredible contributions to the Dental Industry, Meg was awarded the 2018 Honorary Membership Award by the New Zealand Dental Association.

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Bernadette IPC

Bernadette Graham
Infection Control Consultant

With a diverse range of experiences in roles such as infection control training and a clinical background in private and public sectors, Bernadette became passionate about infection prevention and control using a systematic, reproducible approaches, that deliver results.
Bernadette is customer centric and passionate about the success of you and your team supporting all things infection prevention and control within the dental industry.

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Infection Prevention Part 1: Compliance

It’s crucial to protect our patients, ourselves and the practice. At this Live Online Training session we detail the current essential guidelines and regulations to Get Safe, Be Safe and Stay Safe.

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Infection Prevention Part 2: Standard Precautions

Standard Precautions make up an integral part in maintaining effective Infection Prevention management so that your entire practice is always safe and compliant. To achieve this, every practice needs to implement consistent processes so that everyone is always doing the right thing.

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Infection Prevention Part 3: Sterilisation

All branches of Infection Prevention & Control in the dental practice lead to sterilisation and how effectively your instruments and devices are reprocessed to stop the spread of infectious diseases. Sterilisation is the end goal that ensures our team members and patients are safe.

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Live online training bundle

Get 15% off when you purchase these three live online training courses together: Compliance, Standard Precautions and Sterilisation.


Infection Prevention E-learning Module One: Standard Precautions

Infection Prevention is many things but there are some minimum requirements and Standard Precautions we can take to ensure the health and safety of the dental team and patients alike. 

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Infection Prevention E-learning Module Two: Sterilisation

The implementation of policies and procedures into clinical workflows is a critical part of infection prevention and sterilisation. Workflows and procedures within the reprocessing area have a direct impact on successful sterilisation outcomes.

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Infection Prevention E-learning Module Three: Compliance and Regulatory

Having a clear understanding of the requirements for infection prevention and control compliance plays an important role in achieving the required sterilisation and reprocessing outcomes.

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e-learning bundle

Get up to 10% off when you purchase these three infection prevention e-learning modules together: Standard Precautions, Sterilisation and Compliance & Regulatory.

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We would welcome the opportunity to discuss the needs of your practice and what Prime Practice Infection Prevention & Control can do to help you.