Growth program

Our new Growth program provides everything your practice needs to grow, with a more independent approach. Full access to the Prime Engine provides an online hub from which you can grow your practice, provide training for your team and develop essential systems.

Practice Owner's Workshop

To get started with the program visit our Practice Owner's Workshop!

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The Growth program comes with selected program-exclusive workshops, as well as discounts to our public workshops. On top of that, you'll have access to online training videos that will help keep developing the skills and knowledge of everyone on your team.


The Growth program will provide you with an incredibly powerful suite of tools that will help you apply acquired skills and implement new processes. Our online and off-line services will allow you to analyse practice numbers, engage your team and easily manage your practice.


The Growth program includes your own business coach, who will work 1-1 with you to help you set and achieve goals customized for your practice.


Program exclusive workshops

These are the recommended workshops that form the core of your skills training during the Growth Program. You're free to revisit or send new team members to these at any time.

Year 1
Year 2

Public workshops

As part of the Growth program, you'll get a 20% cost reduction to the following public workshops:

Discounted workshops

Online training

As part of your education, you'll receive e-learning courses through our Prime Engine. This online training allows you to educate yourself and your team members whenever you want, wherever you want.

Quickly bring new team-members up to pace with the rest of the practice or work on any particular topic you deem necessary. It's all there at your convenience.


Basic practice analytics

Numbers tell the story of your business. We have developed a unique Web-Based Reporting system based on metrics gathered from your practice, and each month your coach will analyse the reports generated. This will ensure that you maintain a thorough understanding of the status of your business and enable you to make appropriate changes to maximize performance and prevent issues.

Web-based practice management

The Prime Engine is an online suite of e-learning and practice management tools, created specifically to help you run your practice as efficiently as possible. We're constantly expanding the list of tools we offer, and it currently includes:

  • Online meeting agenda & minutes tracking
  • Per-user actions tracking (with meeting- and Patient surveys integration)
  • Practice resource system (procedure guides: creation, storage and templates/examples)
  • Coach / practice messaging

Dental patient surveys

This web-based survey tool allows you to find out what your patients really think about your practice, your staff and the service you're offering them. Tailor a survey to your practice needs and allow your patients to fill it out either in the practice on an iPad, or by sending a survey to their email address.

View the results in comprehensive reports, along with benchmark scores to compare your practice to others. Fully integrated with our practice management application, you'll be able to create actions for your team members to act upon the gathered feedback.

Prime perks

Thanks to many years of doing business in the dental industry, we've been able to develop some powerful alliances and get our clients some great discounts on dental related products and services.

From insurances to website design, from laboratories to job listing sites, from promotional material to flight and travel discounts. If you can think of it, we will probably have something on offer.


Your business coach

Support from your business coach will focus on ensuring you’re getting greatest value from the Prime Engine and the resources and tools available.

Basic number analysis

Our online analysis tools allow you to keep track of your practice numbers and allow our coaches to give you their experienced analysis on a regular and timely basis. This helps you to get relevant and focussed advice, increasing the efficiency of all elements of your practice.

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$1,450 + GST / month
Fee covers up to 7 team plus Practice Owner.
3 calendar months notice required in writing.
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