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Our Infection Prevention & Control team have extensive experience in dental clinical workflows and the challenges practices face to achieve compliant policies, procedures and most importantly, behaviours. We believe the sterilisation room in your practice is its heart – if it doesn’t work, neither do you.

We want everyone to Get Safe. Be Safe. Stay Safe.

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We all want happy, healthy dental teams and patients.

An infection control breach can have huge ramifications – the potential impact is not only financial but stressful and potentially damaging to a practice’s reputation. Some may never fully recover.

Managing Infection Prevention & Control in the dental practice is ongoing – not something you do once and forget about. A strong Quality Assurance Program within the practice is critical for ensuring predictable and reproducible outcomes for risk management.

Regulatory obligations* state that dental practitioners must practice in a way that maintains and enhances public health and safety by minimising or preventing the risk of the spread of infectious diseases. This includes not just having the procedures in place, but ensuring they are implemented and adhered to by all members of the dental team.

Our trained professionals can help you to identify the risks, train your team and give you the peace of mind that your level of compliance with the relevant Infection Prevention & Control guidelines is where it should be.

*AS/NZS 4187:2014, AS/NZS 4815:2006, ADA Guidelines for Infection Control (Third Edition), DCNZ Infection Prevention and Control Practice Standard, NZDA Code of Practice (as applicable).


Every dental practitioner, whether a practice owner or otherwise, has a responsibility to comply with the requirements of their governing body. Although many tasks within the Infection Prevention & Control process in a practice are delegated, clinicians have ultimate accountability for ensuring those tasks are completed effectively.

Dental practices must all have:

  • Documented infection control policies and protocols and clear work instructions specific to the practice
  • Appropriate facilities and products for hand hygiene
  • Suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) that meets the standards required
  • Regular infection prevention training and appropriate resources to maintain current knowledge
  • Clearly designated areas for staff recreation, clinical treatments and reprocessing
  • Compliant, appropriate and functioning equipment

At Prime Practice Infection Prevention & Control, we support practices to implement the right policies and procedures for success.  We audit, teach infection prevention, and help get the required documentation in place so your practice can manage infection prevention and meets all regulatory requirements.

So schedule an audit, attend one of our workshops, get in-house training, or let us assist with up-to-date manuals so your dental practice can be confident you have compliant infection prevention and control systems.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss the needs of your practice and what Prime Practice Infection Prevention & Control can do to help you.

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