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Overcoming the Economy’s Impact on Appointment Bookings

The global landscape for dental practices has evolved significantly, with new challenges emerging alongside ongoing changes in the economy and patient behaviour. Amidst these shifts, maintaining a steady flow of appointments and ensuring practice profitability remains a top priority for dental teams. In this blog post, we’ll explore contemporary strategies to address these challenges and […]

Managing Front Office Coordinators for Seamless Patient Handovers

Effective patient handovers are crucial in maintaining a smoothly functioning practice. However, a common issue Practice Managers often encounter is Front Office Coordinators (FOCs) needing to be more readily available when patients leave the treatment room. A seeming ‘avoidance of looking after the patient’ can lead to frustration among team members, hinder the clinician’s workflow, […]

Creating a Positive Culture with the Five Languages of Appreciation

If you’re looking to create a more positive and productive work environment, learning how to use the Five Languages of Appreciation may be just what you need. According to authors Gary Chapman and Dr Tony Robbins, these are the five ways people prefer to feel appreciated: words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service, […]

Overcoming Common Challenges: A Roadmap for Effective Management of Associate Dentists

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Welcome to part 1 of our 10-part mini-series aimed at improving the relationships, environment, productivity and happiness of the Associate dentists in your practice. Managing associate dentists requires careful planning, effective communication, and a proactive approach to address the various challenges that may arise. From maintaining clinical excellence and managing expectations to fostering a positive […]

Growth Strategies for 2023

Growth Strategies for 2023

Prime Practice has been supporting the growth of dental practices for the last 26 years, and we’ve seen practices go through a lot over those years. From the rise of the corporates to the influx of dentists from new dental schools and the introduction of the OHT; from a global recession (just at the time […]

How to manage resistance to change in the dental practice

How to manage resistance to change in the dental practice

“CHANGE”. It’s that dirty word that many of us regard as a scary thing. It involves risk and uncertainty; therefore, it induces some level of stress or anxiety. When it comes to implementing changes in the dental practice, it usually falls to either the Practice Manager or the Practice Owner to implement them and it […]

What Practice Managers need to be equipped with

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The role of the Practice Manager in a dental practice is becoming more and more critical to the success of the practice. Over the years we have met hundreds of Practice Managers and learned from them how important it is to be open to learning new skills. In recent years, we have shared many ideas […]

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