Knowing what are the key drivers behind your practice’s performance is one of the best indicators of future success. The Annual Business Plan will put your practice on a proven path of measurable improvement and help you achieve your goals.

Understanding the numbers of your practice is essential to successful recovery and taking control of your cashflow. Cashflow forecasting will guide you to make timely, effective business decisions – essential in times of uncertainty.

Let go of the fear of your numbers, face your financial reality and watch your business grow.

Your Annual Plan consists of:

Annual Expenses

This forecasts your major and minor expenses and owners compensation for the coming year and is based on historical costs and your future plans.

Production Wokrsheet

This section calculates how much your practice needs to produce to cover the Annual Expenses and owners compensation.

Available Workdays

This section establishes the number of workdays each clinician is available for each month.

Production Goals For Clinicians

This will establish daily production goals and show you a breakdown of each of your Clinician’s goals for the coming year.

Production Goals For Principal Dentist

This will establish daily production goals and show you a breakdown of your Principal Dentist’s goals for the coming year.

Total Office Production Summary

This is an overview of total office production


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