Duration: 3 x 2 hrs 

Giving and receiving feedback

  • Understand why feedback is a critical leadership tool
  • Creating clarity for your team by giving feedback
  • Discuss cases of tough conversations at work
  • Develop your own skills in both giving and receiving feedback
  • How to create a culture of feedback in the workplace

Communication skills for dealing with a tough conversation

  • Understand the must-have tools for effective communication
  1. Listening techniques
  2. Questioning techniques
  • Practice the skills of assertive communication
  • Learn more about how to stick to facts rather than emotions
  • Understand the power of not acting on assumptions


5 Steps to handling tough conversations

  • Put together the tools form the first two modules in order to:
  1. Plan for your tough conversation
  2. Being well prepared
  • Get useful advice from your peers.