Want to improve your income? This is the Course for you. 

Ever wondered why some dentists earn such a high daily rate: using a mock day sheet, we will layer in learning that simulates your progression from a new graduate to an experienced associate. You will understand that it’s a matter of working ‘smarter’ not harder and how simple changes can lead to significant improvements in your financial bottom line. 

You will learn:
  • Key financial knowledge and decision making 
  • How to compare the hourly rates for all your procedures 
  • Why your coffee break can end up costing you $124
  • The key strategies to ‘Boost’ your income
  • The power of compounding and how to utilise it
  • How to assess which practice will provide you with the best income 
  • The silent factors that are ‘killing’ your production 
  • To understand practice ‘mathematics’ and break-even points for profitability
  • The importance of time management on your hourly rate 
  • What you ‘should’ be focusing on to achieve your financial goals
  • And much more…


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FAQ Page