A unique world-class virtual seminar on dental patient communication. 

Get access to Primespeak Video Library and Memory Joggers.

Learning Objectives

In this Embedding & Implementation module, you will learn about:

  • The foundations of effective Primespeak to implement in your practice,
  • How to implement Primespeak with your whole team,
  • Your role in embedding and implementing Primespeak in your practice – regardless of your role!, and
  • How a real-life case study can deepen your understanding and confidence around using Primespeak every day in your treatment room and practice.


Course Outline

This course is an addition to the 3-week program Primespeak. It spans across 6 weeks of learning and is designed to support the implementation of your new Primespeak skills through.


Primespeak Video Access

The two weeks following the virtual classrooms will give participants the opportunity to recap on videos using Primespeak.

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Primespeak Memory Joggers

During these four weeks, participants will also get access to case studies where Primespeak is being used in real life scenarious familiar to the participants.

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FAQ Page
FAQ Page