Businesses are built on systems and protocols: they ensure we consistently get close to our desired outcomes and they make our lives considerably easier in the process. They also help reduce mistakes and omissions. This Course is designed to guide Associate dentists in developing simple systems that will improve the efficiency, risk and productivity of their daily practice. 

You will learn:
  • The best way to optimise your appointment book and manage your time
  • How to ensure a great customer experience every time
  • How to train your nurse to increase your efficiency and improve their job satisfaction 
  • How to set a specific protocol for discounting
  • How develop clinical protocols for your treatments
  • How to develop communication protocols for your explanations 
  • A system for efficient and comprehensive note taking
  • How to carry out proper ‘Informed consent’ and give patients back the responsibility
  • What to do and say when things go wrong
  • How to follow up and deal with patients who fail to attend or keep cancelling
  • And much more…




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FAQ Page