A ‘First of its Kind’ unique Dental Course designed to help you clarify the type of dentist you want to be and the life that you want to lead.  We will lead you on this journey: creating your vision and your financial goals, before exploring the business strategies and mindset necessary to navigate the challenges of dentistry and make them a reality.

You will learn:
  • The power of the new Associate Dentist Mindset
  • The characteristics of an ideal associate and practice 
  • The things you don’t think you can influence in a practice, but actually ‘you’ can
  • How Business strategy and strategic thinking is not just for owners 
  • The Financial Impact Model – your keys to great production 
  • The Dentist Value Map- a detailed breakdown of how to improve your income 
  • The psychology of growth and success
  • How to improve your confidence 
  • How to deal with negative experiences
  • The Outcome Formula- your keys to getting what you want
  • And much more…


Course Duration: approximately 8 hours 

A Shift in Mindset


1. Supply and Demand

2. The New Associate Model

3. Working on your Business

Create your Vision


1. The infinite game

2. Fail to plan and you plan to fail

3. The Ideal Associate (with activities on screen or in workbook)

4. The Ideal Practice (with activities on screen or in workbook)

5. Personal drivers (with activities on screen or in workbook)

6. Career pathways (with activities on screen or in workbook)

7. Your dentist vision (with activities on screen or in workbook)

8. Financial goals


Developing your Business Strategy


1. Cascade of consequences

2. Minto’s pyramid

3. The Associate Financial Impact Model

4. The Associate Dentist Value Map

5. The associate – practice relationship

6. Choosing your focus


The Psychology of Success


1. How we learn, grow and improve. Phases of learning

2. Deliberate practice

3. Establishing a foundation

4. Implementation of CPD

5. Improving confidence with feedback

6. Immersion and perturbation

7. The importance of self-reflection


Conclusion and Summary. How to get there.


1. Outcome formula

2. Setting goals for the next 12 months



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