Designed by dentists for dentists, Primespeak focusses on getting patients to choose optimum treatment and increase your case acceptance through building long lasting relationships. Focusing on the new patient exam, Primespeak brings an ethical, non-scripted approach that will remove the “selling of dentistry” and get your patients wanting the treatment you know they need.


Brett is the General Manager of Customer Relationships at Prime Practice. Since he started with Prime in 2003, Brett has managed our team of coaches and personally coached and trained hundreds of dentists and their teams on all elements of running a successful dental practice.


We will spare no effort to run our face to face workshops, however as a consequence of the continued uncertainty caused by Covid-19 bringing so many unexpected changes and regulations on gatherings and travel, we will contact you if any changes occur. We strongly advice you not making any travel arrangements in advanced. Our Primespeak Seminar is now available Virtually.


Primespeak has proven itself as a unique and effective approach to achieve an enhanced patient experience, increased case acceptance, increased patient retention and referrals.

By the end of Virtual Primespeak, you will have the tools and techniques to….

  • Reduce the potential for patients to say, “I’ll think about it“.
  • Turn “I hate going to the dentist” into a relationship-building opportunity.
  • Manage the ‘no-pain = no problem‘ obstacle
  • Eliminate any perception of sales pressure or the potential of being rejected.
  • Shift a new patient’s previous bad experience and mismanaged expectations into your favour.
  • Learn to align pre-existing patient beliefs about oral health with your knowledge.
  • Implement the Primespeak approach with both new and existing patients.